Sunday, July 22, 2012


I've been plugging along on my CSM, Beau and I have had our moments and I was definitely ready to move up to the next level but halted by kitchenering from waste yarn.

Well, enough mucking around, a trip to Colorado for the 2012 Circular Sock Machine conference was simply required. It was a blast! I enjoyed it last year and I enjoyed it equally, if not more this year. I had the privilege of meeting and spending the majority of my time with Chris, Vickie and Jill, you know who you are and I can't thank you enough for all the insight and expertise!

They got me kitchenering and even helped me understand how the dreaded (insert impending doom, horror movie, don't go in the basement style music here) ribber works.

You may have seen some these socks before but never with toes! Kitchener was a success!

And I love this little montage frame app. Expect to see a lot of these!

Next steps are all about the ribber. It's an attachment that goes on top of the cylinder of the CSM to create a true rib effect. It's frighteningly temperamental and it totally covers everything that's happening in the cylinder so it's kind of like driving blind. At the conference, I got it timed...thanks to Chris, Mary and Jacquie. We struggled for hours and Jacquie came over and gave it a whack and exclaimed, "It's just too high." We all just looked at each other but it worked. Here's the proof but we'll see if we can incorporate this skill into actual socks! Keep you posted!