Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Season

Well I'm back from New York and if I didn't admit that I was a little melancholy, I'd be a liar. I love everything about New York, even the homeless guy having some sort of seizure on the floor of Port Authority didn't phase my enthusiasm. Spending a week as a tourist in your own hometown is a unique experience and I recommend it wholeheartedly. I toured the entire city from the West Village all the way to the park. I saw friends, family, visited every old haunt of my youth and had 7-layer cake at Magnolia Bakery and high tea complete with scones and clotted cream!

And it was cold, really cold, good cold, great cold! I could have stayed outside the entire trip but Bergdorf Goodman's called me (the most amazing department store on the face of the earth -- Harrods, Smarrods) and I saw Equus starring Mr. Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe. The show itself has its flaws but his performance was impressive.

There's something about New York. It's a quality that you can't escape. Even in the peril of bankruptcy, the stores pulled out all the stops. Saks, in addition to its beautiful windows (as always) had some amazing musical, snowflake performance affixed to the facade of the building that was really cool. Take a look.

I even found a few new hot spots. Bryant Park, just behind the public library has an adorable skating ring and shops plus this really cool restaurant/bar that's completely made of glass. Combined with this old standard on Sixth Avenue and this trip was sublime.

Granted, I ran out of time and had to cut the planned yarn crawl but that's just another reason to visit again ... soon!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Allow me to introduce you to my new Lover

We're going to be very busy for a while...kanoodling and such! Ain't he sexy and he's not even charged up yet.

Some Christmas knitting is definitely becoming New Year's Yarn Gifts. Can I sell that? Please tell me I can sell that?

Happy Birthday T!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Good Will...

Do something meaningful for Christmas and it'll only set you back 42¢! It's simple, when you're sending out your Christmas cards, consider sending one or a few to a recovering solider(s) as follows:

A Recovering American Solider
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20307

And if it must be said, this is not a political post about the war. It's about the human condition and isn't Christmas supposed to be about giving, good will toward man, etc, etc. And if this was a political post, there'd be a YouTube link to that reporter hurling his shoes at President Bush somewhere in this vicinity, but I digress!

Instead, it's a simple gesture, an act of kindness. Who knows, you might even feel better!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 8, 2008

So Happy!

So there I was with my screwed up scarf - again! What's a boy to do? Go on Ravelry and waste time of course. There I discovered that a new yarn store had just opened on the other side of town.

The following day, I excused myself at lunch to run 'an errand'. I followed the directions precisely and ended up in an industrial park. Huh? There I could have my car painted or undented but I wasn't feeling the yarn-call anywhere in the vicinity.

Then, just as I was about to perfect another monologue about Florida and my general disgust, I saw a small window and the word yarn. Garbriella's Yarn to be precise.

I walked in and instantly knew I liked it. It's the tiniest store in the weirdest location but Gabriella was as nice as can be. And surprise, she can knit! She fixed my scarf, I bought yarn for felted clogs, everyone was happy. The store is really small but the yarn selection is smart. She's got a lot planned -- classes, seminars, knit-nights and the best part was she didn't look at me with that "why is this man in my store? Do you think he's going to rob us" look! I hate that and unfortunately I get that a lot here.

So I'm happy and best of all, fearless! Look out, we're in high gear and higher spirits! WooHoo!

Oh, and everyone (I feel I can say everyone now that THREE people are following the blog) welcome Krystal. She hails from Tennessee and is Riohnna's friend (I think). This woman can crochet with the best of them but is comparatively new to knitting. She totally relates to my frustration in not being able to fix things when they've gone loopy so we're gonna get along just fine. Welcome Krystal!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

So Frustrated!

Ugh, it's so frustrating to be knitting along and really seeing the pattern design come to life and you discover you made a simple mistake. Survey says, frog it, rip it back, no problem. Well it is a problem when you can't read your knitting. I know this is an important skill but I was spoiled by my LYS owner in Los Angeles who could take one look at anything and fix it in a heartbeat. In an attempt to learn, I started to tink, didn't work, lost a stitch on a k2tog and that my friends was the beginning of the end. 3 hours of knitting and all that ribbing down the drain because even when I got to the ribbing I couldn't manage to get that damn needle in every stitch. It makes me want to knit simple things because the support I apparently need, is simply not available here! Rant over!

No photo taken before the incident, sorry. It was so pretty too.

Yes, I've already cast on and on a very positive note, I'm being followed by two fellow bloggers/rav-ers. Andrea has joined us and she's an amazing resource to me in my quest to own a CSM (Circular Sock Machine). I can't tell you how much information she's sent my way and I'm thrilled to have her join us! Angela and Andrea, is there an Andrew out there? She knows a lot about guns so don't piss her off, ya'hear?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up!

This weekend I considered putting the blog on hiatus. I haven't been knitting tons of stuff and who's really interested in my warped point of view and life. Well, apparently my new friend Angela from Italy by way of Tennessee is interested enough to sign up "to follow" my blog. I know, I'm a nerd but I thought that was cool and I plan on returning the favor by following her. See, it's there in the sidebar, I'm practically famous. Angela and I just met and her life is the reverse version of mine.

She was single, met a man on the internet, visited him in Italy, couldn't live without him, moved from Tennessee to Italy.

My life ... I was partnered (they just passed all these laws, I can't say married anymore), lived in California, he left, I moved to Hell (sometimes known as Florida).

Do you see how that works? It's all good fun and stalking that doesn't threaten your life or require a restraining order. At least I hope not?

In honor of this occasion, I thought I should post some knitting. It's not Christmas related. It's a dish towel for my kitchen but I think the pattern is worthy of a sweater (well maybe not that great) but bitchin' for a towel that I'll mop up spills with!

Angela, my new friend ... welcome and benvenuti!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Miracle! It has actually cooled down quite a bit (in the inferno that is Florida) and it feels like knitting weather so I've been baking of course! Since there's Christmas knitting on the needles, I can't very well show you that but this banana bread is going fast! It's a simple Tyler Florence recipe and I've been enjoying it a little more than I should.

I've also been sprucing up the place a bit. I bought new living room tables and this little change really dressed up the room. I decided the place was getting a bit too serious so I re-covered the kitchen chairs in a fun, retro fabric. Now, everytime I walk into the kitchen I giggle like Goldie Hawn. It's just what I needed.

For those of you who Rav-el, I joined the CPAAG swap and my package is off to another continent tomorrow. There's all sorts of fun stuff in there and I can't wait to see what my swappee thinks of my handy-work!

Happy Thanksgiving and all my best to you and yours this holiday season!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NYS Sheep & Wool Festival - Rhinebeck 2008

I'm back from vacation and couldn't have planned a better trip. I arrived in NYC and spent the evening with an old friend. I drove from the Upper West Side to the Holland Tunnel, taking in Central Park, Columbus Circle, Times Square, Gramercy Park, The Village and onto New Jersey for the night. You might be saying, "New Jersey?", what a downer after a night in NY but the view from the hotel was spectacular and as expected. See! (black and white, failing terribly at being artsy)

I was off to Rhinebeck the following morning and enjoying autumnal weather more than you could ever imagine. We simply don't get this in Florida!

Even though the last 4 miles to the fairgrounds took an HOUR, my spirits were unwavering in their excitement.

My biggest purchase, a Golding Spindle! Look at it, lust after it but it's mine. Since I don't know how to spin yet, I'm admiring it from afar. Often but from afar. I also bought the most amazing roving from The Sheep Shed at Mountain View Farm. It's merino and silk and for a special project. Details in 10 or 11 years when I reach a spinning expertise worthy of this fiber. You should feel it, WOW! Click on the photo to see the coloration!

I also got to meet Franklin and he graciously signed his book for me and eleventy thousand other fans. He's just as sweet in person as you might suspect and worth the wait in line. In addition, I either met, saw or stalked all of the KG aka Knitting Glitterati. Stephanie, Joe, Stephen, Sean, Marilyn, Lars, Carol, John and hold your breath, I, yes I was recognized from Ravelry. She didn't know my name but kept saying, "are you that guy, that guy with the eyes?" I took my glasses off with the flourish of Clark Kent turning into Superman and said ... I am. If you belong to Ravelry you'll get it, if not, go back and look at the pretty fiber and my, my new Golding spindle. She was so sweet and I was so overwhelmed (to the point I couldn't really speak) I didn't get her name. If you're out there and ever read this, please send me an email so I can properly thank you. You made my day and gave me a great story to tell. Well, maybe not great, but a story all the same.

Me: "Did I mention that I was recognized by a fan?
Everyone: You did.
Me: Okay, I'll shut up now".
Everyone: Thank you.

Is that glamorous or what?

The show just kept getting better. Everywhere you looked there was something new -- fiber, yarn, sheep, wheels, spindles, hand-artisan this and hand-artisan that. It was overwhelming. I got to meet and spend time with Monica, Bowen and Silver. Again, famed-Ravelers of CPAAG! All fantastic and so much fun. I hope this trip will become an annual pilgrimage for all of us!

I topped the weekend off with a trip to see my family and we ate home-made pizza, fudge and a dose of all my favorite things!

If you haven't been to Rhinebeck, you should go! This guy said be sure to say hi next year!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oppose Proposition 8 - Support Gay Marriage in CA

I'm feeling political but never far from a good laugh. I Love This Girl, Mandy Steckelberg. She's my new favorite person!

It's brilliant and worth a listen all the way through!

If you're gay, I dare you to not find at least 5-10 references that point right at you! I just wish I drove a Miata!

It's all good fun but the election is no joke -- GET OUT AND VOTE!

Monday, September 29, 2008

My latest purchase arrived today, Favorite Socks - 25 timeless designs from Interweave Press. Just browse its contents and you'll want to knit every design in this book. They remind me of the amazing socks Grumperina designs/knits and who can argue with talent like that. I've only knit the most basic socks so this will definitely be a challenge. If I can actually get through both socks, it'll be a miracle. I have so many projects on the needles. I am absolutely focus-less and don't know where to turn first but that's part of the fun. I have to remind myself often that knitting is not a race.

Rhinebeck is coming soon and I'm thrilled to be going. I've been reading tons about spinning and dyeing and have been considering doing a little wheel research while I'm at the show. I'm also in touch with a few vendors for a circular sock machine. These antique machines are fascinating and cranking out a pair of socks in just a few hours is quite appealing to me right about now (see can't finish anything noted above). ;-)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Did you know that Florida is the lightening capital of the world? I've learned this since moving to Florida and tonight Mother Nature has been putting on a quite a show. The video quality is piss poor, we're still working on that here at Casa Knitguyla. What's really weird is there's almost no sound on the video except for me trying to blow away a mosquito (it is Florida, the unofficial bug capital of the world as well) but there's no thunder and a complete absence of rain or wind. In the darkened foreground is the lake (that's in my previous post) and it's completely still. The video is only about 45 seconds but the show's been going on for about an hour!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tree Fall Down, Go Boom

Tropical Storm Fay has come and gone. Other than some intermittent power outages and a ton of rain, the storm was sort of a snore. One tree came down out front and the lake out back has gotten a tad closer to the house. Usually the tree stands upright and the water level in the lake is on the far side of the tall grass! If it got any closer I was going to have to build an ark.

Stay dry and send mojo. I cast on for the Baby Dress and it's a bit more complicated than expected -- details to follow!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quick post while we prepare for Tropical Storm Fay!

So a friend from L.A. calls me the other night. The highlights...

Me: Hello
Jane: Hey, it's Jane.
Me: Oh my god, I haven't heard from you in forever. What's new?
Jane: So much has changed, I'm getting divorced, lost 40 lbs., adopted a wheat-free, gluten free diet and came to the conclusion that I'm a lesbian.
Me: pause ... What's gluten?

So my friends, we welcome another sister into the brethren!

And yes, The Golden Girls are truly universal, there's a YouTube clip for any occasion!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Well I had a blast in Tampa at my cousin's wedding. She was radiant, I walked her down the aisle, the day was truly sublime and I can't tell you what a moving experience it was for me. It was such a special day!

While in Tampa, I did two of my favorite things... I ordered room service every morning - I love me some Cuban French Toast and I visited a great little yarn store. Knit 'n Knibble is a small store but jam-packed with yarn and the staff just couldn't be friendlier. Jenny rules! I didn't once get the "why is this man in our store" vibe and even the customers were simply interested in my projects, not my gender.

I found a great superwash wool for my Antler's scarf (more on that later) but better yet, I found some great Regia sock yarn. I finally controlled myself and bought a solid sock yarn. Every time I buy sock yarn it looks like this...

but this time, I bought this,

It's a tweedy yarn and will show any pattern but still have some interest on its own. I love the self patterning Lorna Laces but it ends up as simple stockinette socks every time and it's time for me to branch out. Wish me luck.

On a separate note, I finally gave up trying to find the exact pattern for this unknown cobweb yarn I bought years (and I do mean years) ago. No ball band, no info, no nothing. I've been inspired by the Terttu Shawl. Granted, I haven't done much to the pattern but change it from a triangle to a rectangle but to me that's design central. This pictures sucks but this unique yarn is pale blue with an iridescent twist.

It's beautiful but it's on the back burner, the queue is full!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Every Man's Drug

Some day I'm going to have to ask a doctor what it is about the sugar content of pure maple syrup that is an absolute narcotic for me. Granted, when I'm off from work, my sleep schedule is a bit odd. I went to sleep at 4AM last night (the middle of the night is totally my time of day), the accidental nap from 8-10PM didn't realy help.

I woke up at 10AM, just six hours later and ready to start the day. I puttered around the house, did some laundry, went shopping, cleaned up a bit and decided to have some breakfast. French Toast was in order but I know I have this reaction to maple syrup so I was very careful not to have too much at around noon.

By 2:30, I was fast asleep on the couch and 3.5 HOURS later, I arose from my afternoon's slumber. Damn, if you're looking for me, I'll be aimlessly wandering the Internet tonight - all night tonight!

On the knitting front, the cashmere booties are great but haven't been sewn together yet. As soon as I'm awake (when there's sunlight), I'll snap a few photos!

Edit: 2:36AM and going strong! Oiy.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dial B for Booty

I went to the "other LYS" today (I'm pleased to say they were very nice) and bought a beautiful skein of cashmere yarn for a pair of booties I've been meaning to make for a friend's new baby. Of course, I wasn't going to risk a $25 skein of cashmere yarn on something I'd never made regardless of its ease, I had to test the little bootie pattern with some crap from the stash. After all, as Yarn Harlot's book diagnosed, I'm a Scientific Knitter. I liked it so much I gave it a little bow with a length of Tiffany ribbon. I think it's really sweet but alas, it will have no pair, not while there's cashmere in the house!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I learned yesterday that Estelle Getty had passed away. She was beloved by millions of TV viewers -- including me. I love the Golden Girls and still watch it regularly. She will be dearly missed in these parts but remembered always. In her honor, tell a colorful story tomorrow! Arrivederci, Sophia!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Yarn Porn, Dinner Porn & WTF

Knitting Essentials first! My purchase from Ironjohn04 arrived in the mail a few days ago and I couldn't be more pleased. My niece wanted socks in exactly these colors so the search is on for a pattern that won't be lost in the colorway. Any suggestions? Now don't get carried away, I've only made one pair of stockinette socks so we can't be getting too technical or intricate. Don't forget how little help I have here in the knitting mecca that is Florida when I run into a problem.

My second bit of porn was dinner tonight. It's my new favorite meal, I call it Lemon Shrimp Pasta and it's a Rachel Ray creation with protein. You take chicken stock, soy sauce and sliced, zested lemons and let that go a while. When the pasta is almost done you add some shrimp to the mix and add the drained pasta. Throw in the reserved zest and some chives! It's so simple, bright and fresh. I love it and have it regularly these days. When there's whole wheat pasta in the house, it's actually pretty healthy!

And finally, WTF is growing all over the lawn? These disgusting mushrooms are popping up all over the well-manicured lawns of my community. They're ugly and mushy and yet another piece of proof that Florida has the worst, hot, sticky, and frighteningly humid weather on the planet. Too strong?

Bon appetit and happy knitting!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back in Business!

The pleasant clicking of needles is back at Chez Knitguyla. I'm pleased to report that after months of pondering why my knitting mojo was lost, I concluded that I needed to stop worrying about mojo and knit something, anything, and it would right itself. Although the act of knitting itself has been non-existent, pattern hunting and project ideas have been swarming all over the place. I have great friends who are expecting their first baby ... soon! I've been trying to find the right project but one that I could do on my own. By now, everyone knows there's little help from the local knitting community (and I use that termed lightly) in this area. I found this lovely faux-cable pattern that was interesting so I decided to try it.
It's not a baby blanket but it's turning into a fun little kitchen towel.

On other knitting fronts, I read Knitting Rules by famed blogger and author Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. It's a clever little book and a really fun and quick read. There's a section where she classifies knitters. I won't list them here as I don't want to be sued by the Yarn Harlot for reproducing her work but according to her, I'm a Scientist knitter but verging on a Pretender since I haven't really been knitting. Well that lit a fire under my ass! And a fine ass it's becoming but that's another post about my new exercise routine and my new bike I call Gert! This post is the result.

Thank you Yarn Harlot!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


That's all I seem to do these days. The frustration level is getting higher and worse yet, getting to me. I miss Edith. There, I said it. When I lived in L.A., I'd often make a mistake and simply head over to Ventura Blvd. the next day and get it fixed and merrily continue on with my project. Tonight I tried to knit back, gave up and tried frogging a few rows but I couldn't get that damn needle back in appropriately. Again, 30 rows are gone and I'm left with a beautiful ball of yarn. I love the yarn but loved my project more.

I hate my LYS, every time I bring something in to be fixed she looks at me like I have 10 heads. It goes something like this...

LYS Owner: What kind of stitches are these?

Me: Trust me it's not that complicated, here's the pattern.

LYS Owner: A pattern, why don't you just do garter stitches.

Me: I like a little variety.

LYS Owner: I think you need to start over.

ME: Why?

LYS Owner: Because you can't fix this when there are all these stitches in there.

Me: I know I can't fix it that's why I've come to the woman who owns the yarn store and is supposed to be an expert.

LYS Owner: Why, we just knit garter stitch dishcloths and fun fur scarves.

Me: I hate you.

LYS Owner: Honey, here's some cotton, go wild!

Me: Die.

Okay, that last part's just in my head.

It's so frustrating but this too shall pass. Luckily, I had some diversions this weekend. I had a blast in South Beach! The east coast is beautiful and the ocean is so different than the gulf, although much cooler. I even got a lot of sun - unheard of for me. It's sexy on me, too bad it kills you. I loved the drive across the Alley as long as I didn't open the windows. Who knew there were so many mosquitos in the Everglades? I saw an alligator, ate tremendous Cuban food and met a few skimpy bathing suits.

Enough of that, it's time to cast on, AGAIN!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ants in My Pants

Well, it's been an interesting Tuesday/Wednesday weekend at casa knitguyla. I woke up at 5:00am itching all over. The laptop was on the bed (left over from the night before - listen to the Y knit podcast, it's great) so I opened the monitor to cast a little light on the situation. I was half asleep but figured I was having an allergic reaction to seafood or something like that. What I discovered was a horror show of ants crawling all over the laptop, bed and ME! Within 30 seconds every light was on, I was dancing around stripping my bedcloths off as quickly as I could and into the shower I went.

After scalding myself in the shower to a beet red skin color, I went to survey the situation. Yes, there were in fact ants all over my bedroom. Strip the bed, curtains, and every piece of clothing within a 12 foot radius of the epicenter. 10 loads of laundry later and bleach washing everything in sight, they weren't leaving. Hours later, I discovered a pot pourri and dried fruit basket that I had under the sink and shrink wrapped since I received it. I found it under the bed and unshrink-wrapped. Once that was tossed out the window, I started to win the battle. The cleaning lady decided that the smell would permeate the room from under the bed. Can you say welcome back to El Salvador!

I sprayed, trapped and battled ants in hand to hand combat and it was finally over. I'm still doing laundry, you have no idea how much time it takes to dry a pillow!

With that done, I was off to the spa. There's nothing that a salt glow, healing wrap, anti-aging (yes, shut up) anti-aging facial and an 80 minute massage can't fix. In the locker room, trying not to drown in the 12 head shower, I was still feeling the itchy remnants of my fright fest so I had a pedicure just for good measure. I'm glowing and silky smooth with no one to touch me so I'll be signing off now, to touch myself!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Movie Fest

With a weekend of nothing to do, I spent the weekend in my jammies, watched films, ate oreos and not much else. The "what not to rent" list goes something like this...

Cloverfield - It's Godzilla meets the Blair Witch Project. It made me sort of nauseous with all that camera jumping but once you get used to it, it's just gross but engaging enough to see whose going to expire next.

Juno - I feel as though I shouldn't say anything negative about this one since everyone seemed to love it but kids with vocabularies way beyond their years and families who have it all figured out just rub me the wrong way. Don't get me wrong, I loved the cast and Juno herself was a hoot but it's so unrealistic to think any family would just stroll into their teen's unplanned pregnancy with such aplomb!

The Mist - a Steven Spielberg thriller that had me going right up until the end and then it's all...ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? You'll have to see it for yourself.

And that wraps up another exciting weekend in sunny, sweltering Florida! There was swimming while I was still clean, everyone needs a little vitamin D. I cleaned the garage, the car actually fits in it now, laundry and a lot of vacuuming that went on for 20 minutes until I realized it wasn't working because there wasn't a bag in the damn thing! The carpet's still a mess, I gave up instantly after the no bag incident was discovered.

Oh, and P.S. I Love You. No, not you, the movie. The ultimate in sappy, romantic films. Yes, I cried and cried and I loved it. I love romance, sweeping images of places I've never seen, handsome men with accents and hopeful, happy endings.

Oh, yeah and I knit some. This is still a knitting blog!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Birthday Celebrations!

Yes, this weekend I turned 44 but as I was told by a friend ... I'm within 10 pounds of my college weight, I have all my hair and I'm gainfully employed! I only really cared about the hair ... okay, and maybe the weight. Fine, I'm superficial at 44! And if you have anything to say about it, remember, I'm officially old enough to be a bitchy queen, fine, getting older has nothing to do with it!

Hey, life's a journey and I've learned a lot over the past year so I'll just laugh my way into middle-aged-dom instead of anything else -- thank you very much! J.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Experiences?

I did two things today that I never do. I bought a live plant and really cheap yarn. There's green thumbs and then there's mine - the royalty of black thumbs. I can't keep a plant alive to save my life but my little lanai needed a little some some (as my ex used to say). It's an adorable little thing. They call it a Hawaiian Schefflora whatever that means. All I know is it needs plenty of water and medium light. I just thought it was pretty. I'll keep you posted.

On the yarn front, today I went through the stash which constitutes about 40-50 skeins of yarn - amazingly soft alpacas and sublime sock yarn from Lorna's Laces yet my umph to hear the click of needles was not stirred. I don't know if it's the heat of the unending Summer that Florida experiences or my lack of concentration which is expended entirely at work these days. So in Walmart searching for a window shade and a trash can, I saw the yarn section. I didn't even know they had a yarn section; which was filled with gynormous skeins of Lion Brand and the like. I have nothing against Lion Brand yarns, I just think the feel of the yarn in your hands is part of the experience. Regardless, two skeins of $1.27 Peaches & Creme yarn unknowingly jumped into my basket and a dishcloth was born. Simple, uncomplicated and already on the needles. I could be back!

On a side note, the lovely little lady working in the craft department looked at me like I was crazy when I asked her to find a matching dyelot. A dye-what she exclaimed which made me smile. Yes Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore.

Happy Earth Day!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Still Sick and Getting Pissed!


I took this survey a while ago thinking it was hysterical but today I think I could go all the way to 30! Who's in?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Enchanted Atonement

As I recover from my cold flu bronchitis pneumonia Ebola plague, I've had a chance to rest on the sofa, consume copious amounts of my famous ginger, garlic Asian chicken soup and watch movies. So many movies that the 12 year old Blockbuster slacker felt possessed to inform me that I've spent $45.00 dollars this month and dude, for $19.99 you could rent all the movies you want! I hate being called Dude and hate being told I have no life in a roundabout way.

I have found delight in two films though during this epic sickness; one film that is in fact epic and the other sickeningly sweet. I speak of Enchanted and Atonement! First off, Atonement deserved the academy award it received. The film is amazingly photographed, it's cinematic beauty jumps right off the screen and James McAvoy is my new crush. God I hope he's over 30 otherwise my dirty old man period might be upon me. The film is a downer but worth the journey. It's about true love and that always gets me. I was doubtful. Every time I see Kiera Knightly I just want to force-feed her calories but she was remarkably good here. I hope she's really British because I couldn't understand half of what she said but the overall appeal of this film is unquestionable. The timeline is so unique and utterly captivating from the moment the downhill spiral begins.

The second film that I must comment on is Enchanted - a Disney extravaganza that I know I will get some heat about! There's singing, dancing, big musical numbers, talking animals (which usually freaks me out but that's another post), classic gags based on all the Disney films and Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden. James Marsden never really did anything for me but when I saw him in 27 Dresses (yes, a chick flick, I can't help myself), he was adorable and pretty sexy. He too brings out the dirty old man fears but this too shall pass. He wears tights and acts like a buffoon but he carries a big sword and wears a blouse that rivals most 1980's wedding dresses (poofy sleeves and all)!

In the midst of all this movie wathcing, knitting has been very slow but I've been researching a very special knit for friends having their first child. I'm more excited than Princess Giselle when she wakes from her poisoned apple coma to find her one true love...but I digress. I've decided on a blanket, doily lace pattern in worsted weight yarn as these friends are not the type for christening gown style knits instead a modern interpretation on a classic.

Otherwise, send wishes of wellness and Happy Spring, Easter or whatever's in vogue to celebrate these days!

He's 35, I looked it up!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Birds in Paradise

On my recent vacation, I laid in the sun, read an entire novel, drove a moped and a a jet ski, dined with old friends, had several massages and took at least one nap per day. It was delightful. You say, no knitting? Of course, there was knitting as well and a visit to Knit Wits of Key West.

It's a lovely yarn store considering it's in the tropics. They have a nice selection of yarns and have a warm and inviting staff. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left, I never once got that "why is this man in my yarn store vibe". They were gracious, interested in what I was knitting and helpful in selecting yarn and a pattern. But that purchase must remain a secret ... for a while. If you're visiting Key West, be sure to stop in and visit the only knitting store in the Keys. For those who knit, Knit Wits is a welcomed addition. I was told that prior to their opening, knitters could only purchase yarn on the internet or drive 3 hours to the closest yarn store. And I thought my 1/2 hour drive was a burden.

It was a great week and I even made some time to make some new friends.

For those who know me well, I detest birds having once been attacked by seagulls trying to carry a burger and fries back to our spot on the beach and the drama that ensued around the entire event. My ex always found humor in this story retelling it at any opportunity. In my process of expansion; body, mind and soul, I decided to embrace the beast and mingle with our feathered friends while on vacation. As fate would have it, I received a picture message from my ex of a seagull who had obviously perched himself very close to him on a beach 3,000 miles away from me and he was possessed to take a quick phone/camera shot and send it to me as a goof.

In an effort to not over-analyze, I opted to know that true spirits are always together, if not in body, always in spirit. In that very moment; I was happy, zinc oxide on my nose, sun on my face and the breeze blowing through my shirt (sans undershirt, another unheard of event for those who know me) in the wind off the Gulf. All with some ugly bird not 5 feet away from me and his twin in my phone. Astonishing! I had a rum colada daquiri strawberry punch cocktail piece of heaven with an umbrella and twirly straw in it and toasted all the birds of the world. What shall I name my new parakeet?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Boom Boom Boom in my Room!

I started the day with a man-made phenomenon and am ready for bed watching a natural one.

As I lay in bed this morning, watching Mr. Pelican take his AM douche (no I'm not being vulgar, just busy listening to my french DVDs) in the fountain outside my bedroom window, I heard the most incredible sound! The sonic BOOM AND BOOM AGAIN of the space shuttle entering the Florida atmosphere. It was an incredible sound and shook the entire building. Everything stopped for a split second, the pelican froze as did I. My first reaction was, "what the hell are they doing upstairs?" and then I realized no 30-something couple made the noise I had just heard. Incredible and totally out of this world, pun intended!

I came home and settled in for the Lunar Eclipse (no Bonnie Tyler pun, sorry - one pun per post). Yes, my photos suck, what can I tell you? It's a point & shoot digital camera and I was trying to capture an image that is 30 times the earth's diameter away. Cut me some slack, okay? Everyone was outside taking photos. I took just 5 and parked my ass in my beach chair outside my front door and enjoyed the show (insert gin & tonic here). Everyone was grumbling that they couldn't get a good shot. That would have been me a while ago but tonight I just enjoyed the moment. Way cool!

Outstanding stuff today and very glad to be here! I say I top off the evening with a purchase from QVC and I may soil myself!

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Little Action in Florida!

Sweater Action that is! I finally finished the baby sweater started last year. I decided that it had to be completed if the child would ever have a chance to wear it. It was knit for a 12-month size and it was started almost a year ago ... so you do the math!

The pattern was very simple. It was an all knit stitch but I'd never carried a color from row to row and learned a little something about it. It's a bitch when you go to put the garment together. In the end, I sent it to the finisher and even she couldn't perfect all of my carry mistakes. But in the end, I loved the color mix and the buttons were the perfect find. They're tiny little airplanes in the exact colors of the yarn. I love when that happens!

An FO and two posts in a week - a new knitguyla milestone!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Alive & Kicking!

Thank you everyone who emailed me to see if I was okay - most appreciated! I've been nesting, getting used to the new place. Here's a little shot of the view from my bedroom window. It's lovely, the lake is serene and the light is fantastic in the morning. For those of you who know me well, I'm not much for morning light but hey, old dogs can learn new tricks.

Yes, I celebrated my Blogiversary in style by not posting nor celebrating with some witty quip about the passage of time. It's a blog, deal and yes, it's one year old.

In honor of that, I'll be posting some FO's very soon. I'd prefer the recipient receive it first, you know the drill.

And I'm pleased to say I'm knitting again. My new knitting chair, affixed with perfect lighting has finally been set up at the perfect angle to my new big TV. Netflix arrives regularly and the two have become lover and best friend. I love the space and find myself communing with nature more regularly, knitting outdoors; on the lanai. The Florida version of a porch or patio. The lizards get in occasionally but I'm learning to co-exist.

I trust everyone is enjoying the Winter. Florida has no Winter, don't let them fool you. It's just plain hot all year round, just really hot in Summer.

My parents and the other 2 billion senior citizens have arrived in Florida, escaping the cold weather from other parts of the country. They drive slow or Mario Andretti fast and haven't got a clue what the rules of the road are since their roadtests were on Model T's in the roaring 20's. We get out of their way quickly and accept that the Grand Marquis are like locusts that come more frequently than once every 20 years!

Thanks again for all the well wishes. I'll be hanging around more regularly -- promise!