Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Well I had a blast in Tampa at my cousin's wedding. She was radiant, I walked her down the aisle, the day was truly sublime and I can't tell you what a moving experience it was for me. It was such a special day!

While in Tampa, I did two of my favorite things... I ordered room service every morning - I love me some Cuban French Toast and I visited a great little yarn store. Knit 'n Knibble is a small store but jam-packed with yarn and the staff just couldn't be friendlier. Jenny rules! I didn't once get the "why is this man in our store" vibe and even the customers were simply interested in my projects, not my gender.

I found a great superwash wool for my Antler's scarf (more on that later) but better yet, I found some great Regia sock yarn. I finally controlled myself and bought a solid sock yarn. Every time I buy sock yarn it looks like this...

but this time, I bought this,

It's a tweedy yarn and will show any pattern but still have some interest on its own. I love the self patterning Lorna Laces but it ends up as simple stockinette socks every time and it's time for me to branch out. Wish me luck.

On a separate note, I finally gave up trying to find the exact pattern for this unknown cobweb yarn I bought years (and I do mean years) ago. No ball band, no info, no nothing. I've been inspired by the Terttu Shawl. Granted, I haven't done much to the pattern but change it from a triangle to a rectangle but to me that's design central. This pictures sucks but this unique yarn is pale blue with an iridescent twist.

It's beautiful but it's on the back burner, the queue is full!

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