Sunday, March 29, 2009


I follow about 30 blogs and occasionally post a comment when something strikes me. They're usually generic comments like, "Wow, that's some accomplishment. Congrats." or "I love the new project, the details are incredible." Benign stuff but everyone likes to know they're being read, right? That is of course, until we get to know each other and then all bets are off and the real fun ensues.

Anyway, I recently (in the past few months), posted two separate comments to one of said blogs. Today, when visiting again, I realized my comment didn't show up. In fact, that previous comment didn't show up either. Hmmm ... pause. The first time I just figured I was an idiot but when yesterday's comment didn't show up and several others did, I had the big lightbulb moment -- moderated comments and I'm not being approved. I immediately decided to send off an email. Here are the options I came up with....

#1 (insert blogger name here), I think there may be a problem with your blog as my comments aren't showing up. Another glitch, eh? Just thought you'd like to know. Be well, Joe (knitguyla)

#2: (insert blogger name here), I apologize if my comments to your blog were an intrusion. Duh, it finally dawned on me that I'm not posting them incorrectly but apparently, you're not approving them. I'm not sure why but I assure you it won't happen again. Be well, Joe (knitguyla)

#3: (insert blogger name here), fuck you and the horse you road in on!

So let's vote, will it be #1, #2 or #3! I'm too lazy pissed to figure out how to add a poll here so just use the comments and I'll decide if they're good enough to publish. Aren't you feeling the kumbaya among knitters? I know I am. All done now.

On the knitting front: The swatching is done. Tomorrow we knit the afghan square and it will be 15 inches....I hope. J.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

He's 24, I looked it up....

If you haven't been watching the World Figure Skating Championships this weekend, you're missing out. This is Brian Joubert from France. He came in 3rd, sad. I think he looks cold, should we knit him something?

On my next birthday .... I'll be 39,40,41 ...older! Yes, I've officially entered my dirty old man stage. I'm so glad to share it with you! ;-)

Swatch knitting for the afghan project is progressing but slowly -- following a pattern and watching figure skating do not mix well! The pattern is still a secret but I think it's really interesting and should hold its own next to the others! More of that on Monday. Gotta run now, the Jonas Brothers are on SNL.
Did I say that out loud?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

bad blogger, twitter failure and butterfly dreamer.

I got your emails, text messages, tweets and a phone call. Thanks for the concern but I'm fine. It's just too beautiful this time of year to not enjoy the sunshine. I mentioned my new bike a few posts back and haven't lost interest yet. It takes me all over town and now that daylight savings time has brought us evening light, I'm out even more. Honestly, I tend to not post when my knitting mojo is on the fritz. I'm still having gauge problems but continue trying new pattern swatches. I'm enjoying the process and have fallen in love with Barbara Walker's pattern books! During this process, I've tested some amazing patterns and techniques that have been of great interest to me but I still don't have a square for the community afghan. To distract myself or blatently ignore the project (you decide), I've been spending time with my folks who are in town as many "snowbirds" are in this part of Florida ... this time of year. We spent the day at the Butterfly Estates in Ft. Myers last weekend and it was a blast. There's something about butterflies that speaks to me. It's a meditative, zen, massage therapist thing. In my mind's eye, I can see a huge backlit shadow box, the size of the entire wall in my fantasy treatment room that's completely filled with butterflies. Can you see it? How cool would that be? This new complex located in the River District of Ft. Myers has a butterfly conservatory, cafe, gift shop and ice cream/fudge shop. It's beautifully constructed and landscaped to attract every local, native butterfly. I loved it. I plopped my money down for an annual membership and expect to spend lots of time there. It is so serene. I could have spent the entire day there just sitting, reading or meditating but alas, not knitting. The butterflies need to be warm and any wool in that environment would soon felt in your hands. Perhaps I could swatch in cotton? I wish I could have captured them in better detail. Everytime I'd point the camera in one direction, every butterfly in the joint would fly in another. My video skills are a work in progress (you'll see) but if you're patient and don't get motion sickness, there's a few seconds here and there where the magic is definitely present. Enjoy and meet me at the Flutterby Cafe anytime!

Sorry, Blogger doesn't like my video. I'll try to figure it out tomorrow or Mel will send me an email explaining how stupid I am and how easy it is to post a video. I think it's too big but I have no idea how to check such things. Gotta love smart lesbians!

Good night world.