Saturday, March 28, 2009

He's 24, I looked it up....

If you haven't been watching the World Figure Skating Championships this weekend, you're missing out. This is Brian Joubert from France. He came in 3rd, sad. I think he looks cold, should we knit him something?

On my next birthday .... I'll be 39,40,41 ...older! Yes, I've officially entered my dirty old man stage. I'm so glad to share it with you! ;-)

Swatch knitting for the afghan project is progressing but slowly -- following a pattern and watching figure skating do not mix well! The pattern is still a secret but I think it's really interesting and should hold its own next to the others! More of that on Monday. Gotta run now, the Jonas Brothers are on SNL.
Did I say that out loud?


Krystal said...

LOL...A dirty old man eh? Hmmm....Interesting. ;-)

And I didn't know about the figure skating. I love to watch that! And I don't do well in watching ANYTHING while trying to Knit. I have serious ADHD anyways when it comes to my crafting. Surely you've seen the signs by now with me?! I bought some new yar.......Hey look! Food!.....Hehehehehehe.

How's the Bicycling going?

Anonymous said...

Dirty old men can be quite interesting, and fun!!! Would that make me a dirty old woman? (My birthday is Tuesday, I will be 42)

knitguyla said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How did we not know that? You celebrate your birthday in Torino, Italy and I spend mine in Nowhere, FL. I pissed someone off in a previous life, huh? And Krystal, say no to the food, no milky ways, no chocolate cake, no potato chips, no caramel ice cream! no, right? just say no. sigh.

Vtknitboy said...

nice. awesome abs! hey, are you going to approve my comment?! ;) see ya at easton!