Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Did you know that Florida is the lightening capital of the world? I've learned this since moving to Florida and tonight Mother Nature has been putting on a quite a show. The video quality is piss poor, we're still working on that here at Casa Knitguyla. What's really weird is there's almost no sound on the video except for me trying to blow away a mosquito (it is Florida, the unofficial bug capital of the world as well) but there's no thunder and a complete absence of rain or wind. In the darkened foreground is the lake (that's in my previous post) and it's completely still. The video is only about 45 seconds but the show's been going on for about an hour!


Tallguy said...

I love to watch a nice electrical storm. I used to sit on the veranda with my grandfather on a hot summer's night, and watch the lightening and hear the distant thunder. We don't get storms like that anymore. That stillness makes me very uneasy!

knitguyla said...

Even though I regularly poke fun at Florida, the lightening is one of my favorite things. It's incredible and happens all the time. These quiet storms pass through regularly and truth be told, sometimes make me a little uneasy as well. Last week I was out at the beach and thought it would be fun to watch the storm -- big mistake unless you like running, screaming and generally looking like an idiot!