Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tree Fall Down, Go Boom

Tropical Storm Fay has come and gone. Other than some intermittent power outages and a ton of rain, the storm was sort of a snore. One tree came down out front and the lake out back has gotten a tad closer to the house. Usually the tree stands upright and the water level in the lake is on the far side of the tall grass! If it got any closer I was going to have to build an ark.

Stay dry and send mojo. I cast on for the Baby Dress and it's a bit more complicated than expected -- details to follow!


Grandfatherknits said...

I hear Fay may be heading back your way. Batten down. Mojo ascending.

knitguyla said...

Eh, it didn't have much punch the first time around, I'm not too worried about it but thanks for the update. I didn't even know!