Monday, September 29, 2008

My latest purchase arrived today, Favorite Socks - 25 timeless designs from Interweave Press. Just browse its contents and you'll want to knit every design in this book. They remind me of the amazing socks Grumperina designs/knits and who can argue with talent like that. I've only knit the most basic socks so this will definitely be a challenge. If I can actually get through both socks, it'll be a miracle. I have so many projects on the needles. I am absolutely focus-less and don't know where to turn first but that's part of the fun. I have to remind myself often that knitting is not a race.

Rhinebeck is coming soon and I'm thrilled to be going. I've been reading tons about spinning and dyeing and have been considering doing a little wheel research while I'm at the show. I'm also in touch with a few vendors for a circular sock machine. These antique machines are fascinating and cranking out a pair of socks in just a few hours is quite appealing to me right about now (see can't finish anything noted above). ;-)


Ed said...

I have been looking at this book, but have been waiting for my obsessive book/pattern buying knitting buddy Sue to buy it first. She usually will buy it and then loan it to me, then if there is anything that I really want out of it, I get what I need and return the book to her. About the only books I buy now are reference types, stitch patterns, techniques, and designing. But with so many resources on the web, I have more binders filled with patterns and techniques that I printed off the web.
I am looking at a knitting machine to make the sock blanks to dye. I enjoy hand knitting socks too much to justify a machine for that.

knitguyla said...

Hey Ed, I saw this book years ago before I even knew how to knit socks but couldn't justify it at the time. Sock yarn and sock books are sort of an addiction for me, don't ask me why.

I want a CSM so bad I can taste it but I can't yet justify the price tag. Right now, I'm trying to find someone who has one so I can see a demo. In the meantime, I bought a pair of socks from a CSM knitter/sheep farmer in Canada and can't wait to see a finished project. Just think about it, a finished pair of socks in 2 hours?

Back to the book. It has several great patterns and I recommend it. Through Amazon it was only about $15.

What are "sock blanks"?