Thursday, March 20, 2008

Enchanted Atonement

As I recover from my cold flu bronchitis pneumonia Ebola plague, I've had a chance to rest on the sofa, consume copious amounts of my famous ginger, garlic Asian chicken soup and watch movies. So many movies that the 12 year old Blockbuster slacker felt possessed to inform me that I've spent $45.00 dollars this month and dude, for $19.99 you could rent all the movies you want! I hate being called Dude and hate being told I have no life in a roundabout way.

I have found delight in two films though during this epic sickness; one film that is in fact epic and the other sickeningly sweet. I speak of Enchanted and Atonement! First off, Atonement deserved the academy award it received. The film is amazingly photographed, it's cinematic beauty jumps right off the screen and James McAvoy is my new crush. God I hope he's over 30 otherwise my dirty old man period might be upon me. The film is a downer but worth the journey. It's about true love and that always gets me. I was doubtful. Every time I see Kiera Knightly I just want to force-feed her calories but she was remarkably good here. I hope she's really British because I couldn't understand half of what she said but the overall appeal of this film is unquestionable. The timeline is so unique and utterly captivating from the moment the downhill spiral begins.

The second film that I must comment on is Enchanted - a Disney extravaganza that I know I will get some heat about! There's singing, dancing, big musical numbers, talking animals (which usually freaks me out but that's another post), classic gags based on all the Disney films and Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden. James Marsden never really did anything for me but when I saw him in 27 Dresses (yes, a chick flick, I can't help myself), he was adorable and pretty sexy. He too brings out the dirty old man fears but this too shall pass. He wears tights and acts like a buffoon but he carries a big sword and wears a blouse that rivals most 1980's wedding dresses (poofy sleeves and all)!

In the midst of all this movie wathcing, knitting has been very slow but I've been researching a very special knit for friends having their first child. I'm more excited than Princess Giselle when she wakes from her poisoned apple coma to find her one true love...but I digress. I've decided on a blanket, doily lace pattern in worsted weight yarn as these friends are not the type for christening gown style knits instead a modern interpretation on a classic.

Otherwise, send wishes of wellness and Happy Spring, Easter or whatever's in vogue to celebrate these days!

He's 35, I looked it up!


Michael said...

LOVED Atonement. That tracking shot on the beach feels like it goes on forever (in a good way!). Gorgeous. It's one of my favorite books and the movie didn't disappoint.

knitguyla said...

I couldn't agree more. It's spectacular! When you combine a story of its caliber with its cinematic beauty, you just can't go wrong! Thanks for visiting.

Cheryl :) said...

We loved ENCHANTED. Am looking forward to seeing ATONEMENT.