Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NYS Sheep & Wool Festival - Rhinebeck 2008

I'm back from vacation and couldn't have planned a better trip. I arrived in NYC and spent the evening with an old friend. I drove from the Upper West Side to the Holland Tunnel, taking in Central Park, Columbus Circle, Times Square, Gramercy Park, The Village and onto New Jersey for the night. You might be saying, "New Jersey?", what a downer after a night in NY but the view from the hotel was spectacular and as expected. See! (black and white, failing terribly at being artsy)

I was off to Rhinebeck the following morning and enjoying autumnal weather more than you could ever imagine. We simply don't get this in Florida!

Even though the last 4 miles to the fairgrounds took an HOUR, my spirits were unwavering in their excitement.

My biggest purchase, a Golding Spindle! Look at it, lust after it but it's mine. Since I don't know how to spin yet, I'm admiring it from afar. Often but from afar. I also bought the most amazing roving from The Sheep Shed at Mountain View Farm. It's merino and silk and for a special project. Details in 10 or 11 years when I reach a spinning expertise worthy of this fiber. You should feel it, WOW! Click on the photo to see the coloration!

I also got to meet Franklin and he graciously signed his book for me and eleventy thousand other fans. He's just as sweet in person as you might suspect and worth the wait in line. In addition, I either met, saw or stalked all of the KG aka Knitting Glitterati. Stephanie, Joe, Stephen, Sean, Marilyn, Lars, Carol, John and hold your breath, I, yes I was recognized from Ravelry. She didn't know my name but kept saying, "are you that guy, that guy with the eyes?" I took my glasses off with the flourish of Clark Kent turning into Superman and said ... I am. If you belong to Ravelry you'll get it, if not, go back and look at the pretty fiber and my, my new Golding spindle. She was so sweet and I was so overwhelmed (to the point I couldn't really speak) I didn't get her name. If you're out there and ever read this, please send me an email so I can properly thank you. You made my day and gave me a great story to tell. Well, maybe not great, but a story all the same.

Me: "Did I mention that I was recognized by a fan?
Everyone: You did.
Me: Okay, I'll shut up now".
Everyone: Thank you.

Is that glamorous or what?

The show just kept getting better. Everywhere you looked there was something new -- fiber, yarn, sheep, wheels, spindles, hand-artisan this and hand-artisan that. It was overwhelming. I got to meet and spend time with Monica, Bowen and Silver. Again, famed-Ravelers of CPAAG! All fantastic and so much fun. I hope this trip will become an annual pilgrimage for all of us!

I topped the weekend off with a trip to see my family and we ate home-made pizza, fudge and a dose of all my favorite things!

If you haven't been to Rhinebeck, you should go! This guy said be sure to say hi next year!


Ed said...

Looks like you had a good time. Love the spindle and the fiber. Don't you love family feasts like and fudge, how can you go wrong?
Have not been to Rhinebeck yet, I would love to go but am always looking for someone to go with, hate going alone.

knitguyla said...

Ed, that's the beauty of Ravelry. I went alone but met up with a bunch of people at the show. Except for the last 2 hours when I went gift shopping I was with people the whole time.

The fiber is amazing. It'll be great if I'm ever good enough to spin it!

MonicaPDX said...

I'm late, but it's due to the bronchitis I brought back from Rhinebeck... It was fantastic to meet you at last, and wonderful to spend both days experiencing Rhinebeck with you! Great report, and oh my, your Golding is amazing. (So, nu, why aren't you playing with it? [g] Dive on in, you know we'll help.) Very cool about the person recognizing you! And I totally agree on the annual pilgrimage idea. Seeing all of you just once is not to be borne. Only next time we'll have to try to get you in the same hotel. Pool or no. ;)

And again, I have to thank you so much for helping on the wheelchair pushing. Muchly appreciated, my friend, and way above and beyond. ::many hugs::

Here's to managing next year...

(And if this somehow comes through 3x, it's because Firefox or LJ or something had hiccups over the OpenID thing. Argh.)

knitguyla said...

Oh, I'm playing with it. Wait, that didn't come out right. I'm enjoying the process of learning to spin. I just haven't spun anything that looks remotely like yarn. Let's just say I'm enjoying it but I'm definitely not a natural. I hate Dan. ;-)

It was my pleasure pushing you about in the cold. I'd be honored to do it every year!