Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back in Business!

The pleasant clicking of needles is back at Chez Knitguyla. I'm pleased to report that after months of pondering why my knitting mojo was lost, I concluded that I needed to stop worrying about mojo and knit something, anything, and it would right itself. Although the act of knitting itself has been non-existent, pattern hunting and project ideas have been swarming all over the place. I have great friends who are expecting their first baby ... soon! I've been trying to find the right project but one that I could do on my own. By now, everyone knows there's little help from the local knitting community (and I use that termed lightly) in this area. I found this lovely faux-cable pattern that was interesting so I decided to try it.
It's not a baby blanket but it's turning into a fun little kitchen towel.

On other knitting fronts, I read Knitting Rules by famed blogger and author Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. It's a clever little book and a really fun and quick read. There's a section where she classifies knitters. I won't list them here as I don't want to be sued by the Yarn Harlot for reproducing her work but according to her, I'm a Scientist knitter but verging on a Pretender since I haven't really been knitting. Well that lit a fire under my ass! And a fine ass it's becoming but that's another post about my new exercise routine and my new bike I call Gert! This post is the result.

Thank you Yarn Harlot!


The Other Andrew said...

Nice work Joe! I love the pattern.

knitguyla said...

Hey TOA, it's really easy too!