Sunday, December 9, 2012

In the Wild....

Today I wore a pair of my CSM socks to church. This pair with my latest slim-fit, size 30 trousers (thank you very much), a grey button-down and a cranberry vest. It was so nice to hear my friends ooh and ash over them instead of all the usual comments... What's that about? You know you can buy socks at Walmart for $10 for 10 pairs, right? I left services feeling even lighter than usual and more in tune with my world than in quite some time.
Tonight, in my funky downtown neighborhood, the marine layer is coming in fast and furiously off the Gulf. From my vantage point high in the sky, I can see the yuppies, homeless and Scientologists mix. By Florida's standards, it's cold but with toasty toes, I venture out onto the balcony to enjoy the seasonal weather with a glass filled with my favorite adult beverage. I can hear the Community Center's nightly Christmas Karaoke just beginning with a operatic, pre-recorded version of Silent Night and listened to it slice through the mist. I had a flash from the film, Shawshank Redemption, when Andy plays the Marriage of Figaro recording over the PA system but then I realized I wasn't in jail and free to enjoy any music of my choosing (back to Silent Night). ;-)

The recording was lovely, totally enhanced by the misty haze and I relished in how this beautiful voice just came out of the night. I was sorry to hear it end and have the crowd move onto Santa Baby, Jingle Bells and Rudolph so I guess you need to savor the simple pleasures life offers when they're offered up to you. Today was a truckload!

So light your tree, pour some wine and listen along with me. It'll make for a beautiful and un-silent night!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fair Isle on a Sunday Afternoon

I'm starting to notice a trend that when I do post here, it's usually on a Sunday night. I think for 2013, I'm going to try to post every Sunday night. Hell, it's that time of year when we make grand gestures and I know there's not a snowballs chance in Florida that it's ever going to happen but we'll give it a go. Who knows, let's get crazy and see if we can reach 100 page loads in a week. LOL

The holidays are coming and as usual, I'm not knitting a damn thing for gifts. It's too stressful and takes the fun out of knitting (at least for me). I got the tree up this weekend and it's lovely but the house is a wreck so a photo is going to have to wait until ... maybe next Sunday! Yeah, it was cheesy but I'm in a festive mood!

I finished up around 7 and decided to try my hand at a Fair Isle technique I've seen for the Circular Sock Machine. It's the perfect accent for boring work socks, just enough to make them interesting.

1st Fair Isle on CSM

I think it’s pretty good for a 1st go but damn, it's such a twisted mess, so tedious and as expected, tirelessly time consuming! And no, you may not see the other side. If you're a knitter, you'll get that, if not...Happy Holidays!!

Until Sunday! IAKG