Sunday, February 18, 2007

Beads have been a Jumpin'

Yes, I had the pleasure of meeting Leah today - Hooked on the Needle's new resident expert. She introduced me to the beadspinner and I was immediately hooked. This little machine strung about 800 of the 1000 beads in about 1/2 hour. It seems that when the beadspinner gets low on beads though, they tend to jump around. If I had been at home, I would have gone for it but in a busy coffee shop with a multi-colored floor, I needed to be conservative with how many beads were lost. This little gimzo is a real timesaver and a worthy investment to anyone who uses beads.

Speaking of those who use beads, Leah is not only an amazing person, but an equally talented knitter and crocheter. I will shamelessly gush over the amazing beaded crochet necklace she made to hold her yarn cutter. It was magnificent and perhaps she will share the "know-how" on how to make one of these for ourselves. It is artwork.

Actually, all of the women I met this morning were amazing, seasoned knitters. Unfortunately, I can't remember all of their names but there must have been at least 300 years of knitting experience at that table. Some of the projects were extremely difficult. I suspect they will become a great resource for me as my own project difficulty increases!

Thank you again Leah and if you'd like to be a guest speaker on your beaded crochet chain, just give me a holler and I'll come a jumpin'. I apologize, I couldn't resist.

Sorry there aren't any pictures but being the newbie, requesting a favor and feeling a little like I was crashing a party (only at first), I thought it best not be appear the total geek -- pulling out my camera to document my virgin, bead experience for my blog!

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