Monday, October 22, 2007

Embrace Yourself

Today I made three purchases and I can't tell you which one I prefer the most. Of course, first chance I had I headed over to Idle Hours and picked up the new Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts edition.

Jared, of Brooklyn Tweed fame has an amazing cabled hat pattern in it. I've never knit a cabled project and I think this hat is the perfect way to start. What does one do with a cabled hat in Florida though? Play your cards right and it could be yours! The hat is modelled by a woman in the mag but I think a man could wear it, do you? Check it out here on Jared's blog.

After the dry cleaner and bank, I headed over to Lowe's to pick up this puppy and boy have I embraced my guy side.

This baby has 2.5 horsepower but man can it suck up glass. It's amazing -- I was tempted to bust the other sliding glass door just to keep using the damn thing. They ought to make vacuum cleaners with this kind of power. You could vacuum the whole house in 5 minutes. I shop vac'd until there was no more glass and like all good things, I wanted a cigarette afterwards, it was that good!

Perusing the bins at Barnes and Noble, I came across this on the bargain table.

How could I resist it? Three professional jugging balls and a beautifully photographed instruction booklet. Everyone wants to learn to juggle as a kid. And as an overly-serious adult in recent years, I've discovered it's time to embrace the silly side of life. I'm not juggling responsibilities anymore, I'm juggling balls!

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