Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Television & Knitting.

Before we get to television, specifically The Biggest Loser, let's all congratulate Brett. He knows his booze and now he's sock yarn richer. Congratulations again Brett! The yarn will be on its way to you early next week and if it matters, I wear a size 8 shoe. ;-)

As for The Biggest Loser, I can only recommend NOT knitting while watching this program.

Announcer: Amber, if you lose 80 lbs. you can take 1st place and not fall below the yellow line. When we started the competition you weighed 403 pounds, your weight tonight is 351 pounds. You lost 52 pounds for a total percentage of weight loss of.... Numbers, numbers everywhere and all the while trying to count a row ... k1, pl, k13, p403 k2tog, k351, p1. [SCREAMS FREAKISHLY AT TELEVISION].

Anyway, no harm done and my quick knit project is well underway. It'll be on the needles for a day or two so we'll save the photo for the finish!

Hey, my two-year blogiversary was on 12/25. I never remember that but an excellent reason for a visit from Madame!


Anonymous said...

Argh, I don't know my booze very well at all. but, I do know that ouzo is my FAV, and I can not find it anywhere.

knitguyla said...

Really? Isn't it from Greece and isn't Greece right next to Italy?

That's so weird!