Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crazy Gauge and a Bike Ride

Not much to report except that I'm still struggling to get the right gauge on the afghan square project. As you can see, these are the two latest tests and neither is hitting the 4 stitches per inch that I need. I've decided to just move forward and start knitting in pattern. It's going to be very close and I'm hoping the complexities of the pattern vs. stockinette will win in he end. Who knows, maybe I can block it to 15" if necessary. I'll keep you posted.

I know that much of the country is buried in snow but here in Florida the weather has been amazing the past few weeks. I took to the road on my new bike and had an amazing ride today. I had no idea there were such desolate and beautiful locales just a few miles from my front door. I rode about 10 miles and followed the train tracks just for some fun. It seemed appropriate since I just saw Stand by Me last night. No dead bodies, I'm happy to report. Keep the faith on the gauge.


Miss Ginger Grant said...

OMG! Where the HELL were you 3 years ago when my Momma died and left me with 2 closests full of FABULOUS yarn that I couldn't do a thing with! She and Daddy traveled all over, and wherever she went she would find yarn shops and buy a whole case because she didn't know what she was going to make with it but she knew she couldn't find it at home! She was amazing: she could knit, watch TV, read a book, and carry on a conversation all at the same time! And if you showed her a picture of something, she could knit it!
The yarns she left behind were fabulous and expensive (not acyrilic walmart stuff) and I truly wanted to find a devout knitter to give them to! I ended up giving them to a friend of a friend whose mother knits, but I have no idea of the quality of her work or her commitment to the craft! Thanks for following my blog- I'm going to add you to my list!

knitguyla said...

Yarn is addictive and stash is coveted like military secrets. I found your blog through Lisa. I love the fluidity of the Internet!Welcome!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I hope you get the gauge right this time! (Gauge sux!)

knitguyla said...

I gave up on the gauge for a few days. Tomorrow is another day!