Monday, April 6, 2009

Tomorrow I'm finally having my pesky hand surgery with my hottie surgeon guy so typing, thus blogging and knitting will be on hiatus. I'm sure I can get by with some one-handed typing but knitting is definitively out for a week or two.

Maybe I'll organize the stash, patterns and needles.
Maybe I won't and instead just sit around, watch movies and eat bon bons.

Actually, I can't even think about chocolate right now. Tonight, I went to my folks for Palm Sunday dinner and my Mom made all of my favorite things. I'm uncomfortably, Thanksgiving-style stuffed but remarkably content!

I'll leave you with something that can't help but make you smile even in my absence. If someone can find out where this was filmed and why, I'd be most grateful! Consider it a get well gift!


Melanie said...

Ed said...

Good luck with the surgery. I may be going under the knife this summer for my knees...thank god it is not my hands, so the only thing I will not be able to do is spin with my wheel for a while. So my goal is to complete a sweater for myself in 2-3 weeks...we'll see. Yeah it helps when the man doing the cutting is like a good pain med just from looking at!

Krystal said...

My goodness! Sending lots of good wishes and warm fuzzies your way!


Lisa said...

Sending tons of hugs and kisses! We need a HAWT check keep each other honest.....but I will cut you some slack until your hand recovers.....get well soon, please!