Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Craft in America

I don't know how I missed this program a few years back but if you, like me, didn't see it, you should. It's the Peabody award winning mini-series Craft in America. "Craft In America is a groundbreaking, comprehensive visual exploration of the history, vitality, and cultural significance of America's craft movement."

This video is a 9-minute promo for the series and if you didn't see it in its entirety on PBS, this will give you a great overview. For anyone who has ever crafted, in any shape or form, you can't help but be stimulated by the creative endeavors of the artists hightlighted in this program.

First off, I had never heard of the Penland School of Crafts. "Penland is a national center for craft education located in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains. Penland's focus on excellence, its long history, and its inspiring, retreat setting have made it a model of experiential education. The school offers workshops in books and paper, clay, drawing and painting, glass, iron, metals, photography, printmaking and letterpress, textiles, wood, and other media. Penland sponsors artist residencies, a gallery and visitors center, and community education programs."

If you're a weaver, you'll want to check out Penland and their resident artist/class studio/programs. I was a bit disappointed that knitting wasn't represented but weaving was and since I just shared a few emails with my friend Dave today, some slack was given. Dave is a weaver and writes about it on his blog HandweavingToday. He's also an amazing photographer and several of his photos adorn the walls of my home. The work being done at Penland and the individual artists highlighted throughout the program were remarkable and inspiring!

When I dream about my life in rural America (handsome lover included) where I run a rewarding bodywork practice, sheep farm and knitting/CSM studio, these are the people/lives I imagine. If you're laughing while thinking about me on a sheep farm, that's where the handsome lover comes in. In the meantime, buy this CD program from PBS and promptly lend it to me. I only caught a fraction of one of the 3 episodes so I can't wait to find an airing of it in its entirety.


Melanie said...

Wow, that's cool. I had never heard of that series either. (It comes on a DVD Sweetie, not a CD. Don't confuse your many admirers who want to buy it for you.) When I make my fortune and become a gentleman farmer with a lovely lady of the house by my side, I will live down the road from you and we can trade recipes. It will be fabu.

Krystal said...

Wow, very interesting. I don't live that far from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hmmmm.....May.Have.To.Visit.

And just for thought, do you have cable? On my cable box we have a channel called PBS C, which is PBS Create. Its all about crafts. Knit and Crochet today series is on there so I DVR it. Maybe this series might be on there? I dunno. Now I'll have to go look.

But thanks for posting this!

Dave Daniels said...

a great little intro video. I've seen the episodes by the chair maker and basket weaver, but I'll have to keep an eye open for the others.
And, yeah, my dream someday is to NOT live in a city, wake up in the morning to the sounds of birds chirping, breathing fresh air, and retiring to my studio to spend a day of dyeing, spinning or weaving. And then making dinner for my man when he comes in from herding the sheep for shearing.

knitguyla said...

Mel. CD, DVD...Potato, Potata. I am a dork. ;-)

Krystal, yes, go and tell us all about it. It sounds amazing!

... and Dave, that man coming home after a hard day of tending the flock, I saw him first!

The entire series is being repeated several times this month on PBS so check your local listings for all 3 hours!

Ed said...

Hey Joe, I have seen some of this series. It reminded me of the Jon C. Campbell Folk School https://www.folkschool.org/index.php
If I was not going on that cruise this fall, I would be going there for a week.
I would love to live (again) in rural country with my cashmere goats, sheep and alpacas. And I need no man to take care of them as I'd da man! It would be nice to have some help though!