Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Perfect Yarn World

At the MSKR I bought this fabulous little book, "Toys to Knit" by Tracy Chapman (didn't she have an album out a few years ago?). The book is super cute but this post is not a review. Instead, it's about finding the perfect yarn. You all know that buying yarn is easy. You see the skein, the color, its texture and you're racing to the register with your wallet flying open. Then those beautiful skeins sit, taunting you, waiting for the perfect project to come their way. Unfortunately, that perfect project doesn't always come their way and with that we have the basic definition of stash building.
I give you exhibit A, the alpaca I bought at Alpacas of Easton on my trip. It mocks me, it knows I don't know what to do with it so in the storage ottoman it sits getting cozy with the cashmere.

I decided to knit an amazing, little teddy from Ms. Chapman's book. I left nothing to chance.

1. Pick the pattern - check
2. Get the yarn - not specified in the pattern, few options at the LYS
3. Knit it - way-layed by the yarn

Getting the yarn for these kinds of projects is always difficult especially when the pattern doesn't call for a specific yarn (as is the case with Teddy) or worse, that seemingly perfect yarn pictured with the pattern is no longer available. Soemtimes you need to leave things to the experts. I sent a picture of Teddy to my knitting mentor/guru in Los Angeles and asked her to pick the yarn and ship it off to me. Thank you Edith! I couldn't have found better choices! It's New Tweed by Tahki Yarns and a merino, silk, cotton, viscose blend. It's 70% merino and so beautifully soft -- perfect for endless hours of teddy hugging!

The brown tweed is the perfect shade and the pink is absolutely spot on. I just can't get this kind of yarn goodness in Florida. I miss having a yarn store with tons of options and unsurpassed expertise. She even included the embroidery thread! So when in L.A., visit La Knitterie Parisienne, you're sure to find the perfect yarn or at the very least ... something for your stash.

CSM Update: has not arrived yet but we are waiting patiently.

Dave, I didn't know you were a CSM'er as well. This is good, between you and Joe, I've got some serious expertise at my disposal. I'll need help, I'll be in touch with both of you -- you can count on it. I could come to Boston for some instruction and see Mel while I'm there (even though she mocks my turn of the century technology). How's that new IPhone working out kiddo?

Krystal, they're great old machines. If I can ever get it to knit socks, a pair will be made for you, for all of you!

Kyle, so disappointed about Seattle. I checked the airfare costs for New Zealand (that's not gonna happen)! Maybe the Midwest one, if it gets off the ground.

And welcome Christopher, he's from my college town and has the cutest dog!


Krystal said...

One Word.....AWESOME! I love socks! I've only made 1 complete pair my whole life, and they were Crocheted. I'm not skilled at DPN's yet. But I'm getting better!!!

And that Teddy is a super cute, adorable, cudddly litte guy/girl. I love it!! My favorite childhood toy was a blue elephant. LOL Don't ask. And I even still have him! My mammaw bought him for me when I was just a wee thing. *sigh* Such memories!

He's sure to make someone a very happy little girl/boy! Or Grown-up for that matter!

P.S. Keeping my fingers crossed that your new gizmo gets to you soon! I hate playing the waiting game.

Melanie said...

What a handsome teddy!

Dave Daniels said...

IT hasn't arrived yet??? WTF??? And, those machines aren't just for socks, either. I've made drawstring bags for wine bottle gifts, tube scarves, tube scarves with drop stitch, and other things like that. You'll be amazed at how fast you blow through your sock yarn stash.
As for the learning curve, use crap yarn at first, because that learning curve can be painful at first.

knitguyla said...

Dave, not expected until next Monday/Tuesday which should work for me -- busy week ahead!

Cheap yarn, gotta get some of that. It won't scar, will it?

Joe said...

I can only hope that the seller/sender of the CSM has left some completed knitting on the needles when you get it.

It's a lot easier to tie on some crappy yarn and experiment without having to figure out how to cast on a new "sock".

Amy said...

what gorgeous colors, is it as soft as it looks? the teddy is super.thanks for sharing,Amy

knitguyla said...

It's Merino and soft as can be!