Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Day

I've lived in Buffalo.

I know snow.

I know Winter can be a colossal pain in the ass.

I miss it terribly.

I've lived in a warm climate for too long, southern California and now Florida round out the last decade and I'm due a good snow day. I have tremendous holiday spirit this year but something so integral to the sensory experience of Christmas is missing. It's simply...the cold and snow.

I'm knitting the last of my holiday gifts with the central AC cranking and wondering how freakin' hot is this wool blanket going to get before I get to the cast-off edge?

If you're somewhere cold and it's working your last nerve, just know there's someone out there missing it more than you'll ever know.

These photos are from the Calgary Herald and I found them via She posted the bus shot, isn't it incredible!
Photo credits: Jennifer Riddell, Oliver Ennis, Tim Bergmann


Dave Daniels said...

You know, I LOVE winters in New England. And, the best thing about it? I get to wear all the really great woven and knitted wool things I've been making all year. Summer? HATE it. But winter is where it's at.

knitguyla said...

That's my point exactly, I couldn't agree more!

Ed said...

I have to agree with you Joe, we have tossed around the idea of moving to TX, but in spite of the bad winters I prefer it to be cold over hot. Had to laugh about the blanket being postponed until the birthday. I did the same thing with a sweater and totally removed the Christmas knitting stress.