Saturday, August 28, 2010

Admiration, anywhere you can get it...

When blocking lace, remember, pins hurt. Refrain from putting pressure on them when in contact with the skin.

It's nearly impossible to make a knitted object symmetrical when you're pulling it in different directions.

Pay no attention to the YouTube videos, those bitches lie.

When you roll the FO in a towel to get the excess water out, be reminded that if you used worsted weight wool, there's gonna be TONS OF WATER ALL OVER THE COUNTER and eventually the floor! The wool is very absorbent in a way the towel can never be!

Use excess water dripping from counter to floor for impromptu floor washing!

Admire floor while contemplating poorly blocked lace.


garret said...

If only one had a floor nice enough to admire. And I asa rule avoud the lying Youtube Bitches.

Krystal said...

LOL. I love it! And I'll remember the warning about the pins. You ube lies like a rug. Never believe them!

Lisa said...

Spewed water all over the monitor.....I love you!

Yes, the pins do inflict pain. Lace is a bitch to block, even with the proper wires. And DK weight yarns hold more water than the oceans.

I can't wait to see the finished, aforementioned, lace object. I'm certain it is more beautiful than you will admit at the present moment!

And my code was swede...beautiful people....