Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last month, the Men's Fall Knitting Retreat was held at Dumas Bay and altough I've been meaning to post about it, I haven't had the inclination to write it up. You'll see why if you continue on. As always, it was great to see the guys who attend these events! I really enjoy their company and wish I lived closer to many of them. On top of that, I love the little city of the Pacific Northwest that is Seattle and could easily live there. Unfortunately, the trip was slightly overshadowed by the plague I suffered from while I was there!

To the lady on my flight to Seattle in 26B, I hope you're still sick and I hate you for coughing on me for 3 hours.

I left the retreat on Sunday having missed all of my classes and having visited with the guys for barely a day and a half. I was hopeful for the remainder of my trip. WonderMike couldn't have been a better host, he looked after me and gifted me the most amazing yarn from Hazel Knits. The camera is not playing nicely with the computer at the moment but click the link, she's amazingly talented. I'm thinking a Stephen West design should do the yarn justice. I also received tons of swag and even won the coolest pattern markers and project bag from Slipped Stitch Studios. Visit them on Etsy and spend money there!

Monday was spent in bed ordering room service.

9AM May I have a pot of tea? ... Yes

12PM May I have tomato soup and a pot of tea? ... Yes

2PM May I have chocolate lava cake and a pot of tea? ... Yes

5PM May I have tortilla soup and a pot of tea? ... Yes

6:30PM May I have creme bruilee? ... Yes and a pot of tea.

If nothing else I'm consistent.

Tuesday, having ingested a bottle of Dayquil, I set off for Bainbridge Island and Churchmouse Yarns & Tea. I loved the shop. I purchased some lovely Rowan Kid Silk Haze for a scarf from Churchmouse's private designs.

The following day, I was actually feeling well and spent a lazy and lovely afternoon at the Public Market and the Seattle Art Museum. They have a varied and beautiful collection of work and this really cool tour that can be accessed with your phone where you can listen to the curator's take on an individual piece. It was like being there with a very knowledgable friend. I especially liked the knit/crochet exhibit! It was really unique and filled with different yarns and stitch patterns! Phone photos don't do it justice and I stupidly left the camera at the hotel. All the more reason to visit SAM again!

Upon my return, I was feeling a little sorry for myself and the fact that I barely spent any money in Seattle, I was encouraged to treat myself to a few "welcome home gifts".

I opted against photographing the new china, flatware and glassware that will adorn my Thanksgiving table but I was concerned for Blogger's bandwidth capacity. ;-)

Sorry I missed ya'll at Rhinebeck. It wasn't in the cards this year!


Lisa said...

OMG - Where to start! I love Hazel Knits stuff. I think a project from Mr. West would be PERFECT for the yarn. I love your version of room service, even though I know you were feeling puny. I have never been to that part of the country, so now I have all the more reasons to haul my butt up there. And as for your welcome home gifts....JEALOUS x infinity. You must tell me how you like the Nook. Welcome back!

Rusty B. said...

I loved Churchmouse as well. I got my wife some wonderful Tilli Thomas silk, some cotton/bamboo for a baby hat, dpn's and I don't know what else. We so missed you when you weren't feeling well. If it is any consolation, the lady behind me on my flight home kicked me in the back all night long so I got no sleep. Hope you are much better now.