Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm 33...

That's enough laughing from the peanut gallery. I received an email from a stranger the other day telling me that I'd been chosen as one of the top 40 knitting and crochet blogs. At first, I thought the whole post was about garnering more traffic to her site. I'm sure that's part of it but it was an awful lot of work researching the 40 blogs so I decided to post her link all the same.

I find it fascinating that I don't know who the #1 knitting blogger is (anyone read her?) but I'm pleased that several of my friends made the list. The fact that I was ranked #33 and Marilyn was #34 is ludicrous!

She said this about my little place on the web, "This blogger is dedicated to small projects, making his site the perfect read for the newbie knitter. We love the blog because it isn’t too formal, so you feel like you’re gabbing with a friend about knitting."

"Gabbing with a friend about knitting", I kinda like that!

Happy Holidays Everyone!


WillyG said...

Happy 33rd!
I haven't heard of the blogger or #1 either, but like you I was happy to see a few other names up there! Congrats on being noted for gabbing!

Lisa said...

And 33 NEVER looked better on anyone else as it does you! CONGRATS! It is my pleasure and honor to count you in my circle, especially now that you're famous!

Jocelyn said...

You're number one in our hearts :)

Pam said...

"Gabbing with a friend about knitting", I agree, that's nice. That's what started me reading your blog; it's a nice friendly little blog.

Dave said...

Hey, Joe, how you doing?
I went to the link you have posted. NEVER heard of the #1. And, even stranger, reading the comments didn't yield one familiar blogger, either. How odd.
Of course, YarnHarlot always has been and always will be #1.
Hope all is well down your way. How's the sock machine coming along?