Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I trust your holidays were wonderful! I enjoyed entertaining friends this year as I did not get home but truly enjoyed new traditions and tons of wine, excuse me, laughter. Tons of laughter!

Since the holidays, it's been quiet times at casa knitguyla. I fiddle with my CSM and Twitter but mostly enjoy long walks in the "cold". Actually, it's been absolutely chilly and a few nights have even required long pants!

I finally finished, meaning "sew the seams" on the fingerless mitts from a while back. They are quite comfy and I have to say that my mattress stitch skill is clearly improving. The join is actually good in the stockinette portions but marginal in the basketweave sections. I wanted a quick knit for my weekend in NYC and this free Rav pattern fit the bill. They are charcoal gray/black and knit in Cascade Superwash. If they don't fall apart on the trip, I'll consider them a slamming success!

Little Colonnade of Stephen West designs also begins to take shape. I found myself with the wrong number of stitches and the center YO's veering toward the right so it had to be ripped back about 6-10 rows. I'm back on track, keep your fingers crossed!

I finally received the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice on Netflix and I'm totally crushing on this new Mr. Darcy. His voice is so sexy, you should rent it just for the listen. This version has some "teeth" and really humanizes Miss Austen's characters. I like it but when have I been known to not adore anything Jane. Make fun but I embrace the 15 year old girl inside me! You're all just jealous. The closing scene in the U.S. version is a mess, be warned! If you like, listen a bit here to Matthew but definitely click ahead to 3:29 and deny you don't want to be Keira Knightly!

In the comments, we welcome Pam! She said the nicest thing, "Gabbing with a friend about knitting, I agree, that's nice. That's what started me reading your blog." That's exactly how I hope my blog seems to readers. I'm so pleased to hear that! Thanks again for stopping by!

And Dave, please don't use dirty words in my comment section like CSM. ;-) A full post about the nasty varmint is pending. Enjoy the snow for me!

Happy 2011!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm 33...

That's enough laughing from the peanut gallery. I received an email from a stranger the other day telling me that I'd been chosen as one of the top 40 knitting and crochet blogs. At first, I thought the whole post was about garnering more traffic to her site. I'm sure that's part of it but it was an awful lot of work researching the 40 blogs so I decided to post her link all the same.

I find it fascinating that I don't know who the #1 knitting blogger is (anyone read her?) but I'm pleased that several of my friends made the list. The fact that I was ranked #33 and Marilyn was #34 is ludicrous!

She said this about my little place on the web, "This blogger is dedicated to small projects, making his site the perfect read for the newbie knitter. We love the blog because it isn’t too formal, so you feel like you’re gabbing with a friend about knitting."

"Gabbing with a friend about knitting", I kinda like that!

Happy Holidays Everyone!