Thursday, October 6, 2011

Holding a Torch & So Late to the Party!

Hey, I'm back and I.AM.KNITGUY! Yeah, I still like saying it. I have been busy, life is good, even if ever-changing. I continue to work on my toe closures with some success but not enough to actually post. Instead, I've been working my fingers to the bone on my Stephen West shawl. I'm finally into the lace portion and ready to start the second repeat. Photos will come shortly.

This weekend (yes, my weekend this week was Wed/Thur) was intended to be a knit-fest. If you didn't know, I do not have cable television. Remember a few years ago, the cable companies started telling us that we'd need a box to continue to receive digital cable sometime in 2011? Yeah, that finally arrived in South Florida and I never got a box so don't ask me anything about current television, not that I ever watched much popular television anyway. Instead of the knit-fest, I discovered that the new season of Torchwood finally arrived on Netflix! I love Doctor Who and moreso, Torchwood. Maybe I have the hots for John Barrowman or Gareth David-Lloyd. Well, yes, I do have the hots for John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd but it's so much more! Anyway, the new season is finally on Netflix. This morning, I thought, hey, I should watch an episode. Fast forward to midnight and I've completed the entire season. What am I going to to do now? I know I shouldn't have been such a glutton but I just couldn't resist.

So if you are part of the modern world and haven't been watching Torchwood on cable, head over to Netflix and take it for a spin. It's darker than previous seasons but a much bigger story than the former Torchwood seasons when it was all .... find the aliens, open the rift, don't open the rift, save the world storylines!

Anyone know when the next season starts? Please tell me there's another season!

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