Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fine, yes, I'm a bad blogger. My name is Joe and I'm a bad blogger. I need a 12-Step Program for bad bloggers (maybe I should start a blog about bad blogging but I'd probably let that one fall defunct as well. ;-)

Today, I opened the ottoman and a plethora of unfinished projects were still there! It's amazing how that happens. In no specific order...I have the Stephen West shawl, the teddy bear (that one's at least 3 years in the making), the scarf for me (that one's not my fault, I don't think I'm going to have enough yarn so what's the point), 8 pairs of CSM socks that need kitchener stitch, the cowl and a baby blanket.

I've decided to begin with the Stephen West shawl.

I've reached Section 2 of the Column Lace and the k1/p1's into the double yarn-overs. I know it's easy but I always end up losing or gaining a stitch with that, Kerry had to undo several rows for me when we were in Wales and I didn't want to spoil all his hard work. Here's a random shot from Wales since it came up. Build the house right here and I'll meet ya there.


Back to the matter at hand. I don't know why I end up with extra stitches but hell, what's the worst thing that could happen, I can't wear it with the Addis sticking out of it. I never could pull off punk.

So I begin again and miraculously, I left myself excellent notes as to where I should start. Section 2, Row 2!

So I should stop typing and knit, right? Okay, I'm gonna go now. As soon as the commercial starts. Oooh, Star Trek the movie is on. I love that guy. I wonder if I bought apples yesterday. What was a I talking about?

Oh yeah, that guy from Star Trek!


Lisa said...

Sucker for blue eyes are ya? to....

Don't even get me started about unfinished projects or being a bad blogger....perhaps over a martini I can get these rectified and back on the path I'm slated to be way....oh look, a motorcycle rider's safety course just got scheduled.....

WillyG said...

Bad blogger... bad blog reader... I guess we have to give each other a bit of slack, eh?

Your ramblings cracked me up.

As for the kitchener stitch, that sounds like a good time just waiting to happen!

VillageKnittiot said...

So, Is it done yet? The shawl, not the man.

IamKnitGuy said...

Of course not! I start projects, I learn from them and then I get bored and they are never finished! I'd bring it to the May retreat but I'd probably get too much shit from you guys!