Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's been a busy yet lazy weekend and it started with a trip to the Salvador Dali Museum. Personally, I don't get his art but with the help of a recorded, guided tour I got a new sense of his talent and imagination. Albeit ... not much more of a fan.

See what I'm talking about? What's this about?

Living in this part of the country, you take the weather for granted. With Nemo bearing down on a good part of the northeast, I'm especially mindful of that. It's scorchingly hot and sunny most of the time but sometimes we get a really gorgeous day. That was yesterday, cool in the shade and deliciously warm in the sun. With year-round sunshine, you take a great day for granted and sometimes, don't get outside enough to really enjoy it. I am definitely the pastiest Floridian but I hope my lack of vitamin D will be my saving grace from the aging effects of the sun. Anyway, I was a bit out of sorts at the start of my day having had a bit too much "fun" on Friday night but I regrouped after lunch and really enjoyed the rest of the day. The museum grounds are lovely and art space is pretty impressive with a giant glass enclosure in the center that surrounds a giant, circular staircase.

We had a great time. I really need to do things like this more often.

Today has been a massive sock endeavor with very little to show but a really messy workspace and several unpaired socks. If nothing else, these will make for great kitchener practice.


Unfortunately, I think these yarns are done. I've cut them and tied them together so many times, the knots when knit into the foot will be like walking on rocks! It's too bad, the grey and black yarn was one of my very first, purchased sock yarns. I always had hopes for socks from it and saved it in the stash for over 8 years. On the plus side, I'm one step closer to the Wollmeise and making them into socks!

Wollmeise Collection

I'll keep you posted. In the meantime...stay safe, dry and warm!

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