Monday, December 25, 2006


Christmas brings many gifts and this year the one I give myself is a place to chronicle my many knitting adventures. So welcome ... soon we will begin "The First Sweater" project but until then there are a few items on the needles that need to be completed first. The baby blanket of much notoriety at my LYS started many, many months ago for a dear friend heads the list. That dear friend's baby received a beautiful gift from Tiffany's as did Friend #2 and Friend #3. They were conceived, born and raised never knowing they were, at one time, the lucky recipient of the blanket - until it became clearly embarrassing that I'd yet to fork over a birth gift of some kind. So now, it sits dormant waiting for some unsuspecting zygote to appear on a pregnancy test stick in a bathroom somewhere in the world.

The blanket is knit in squares and will eventually have a knitted, scalloped border as well. It's a leaf design where 4 leaves from 4 squares come together in pattern. There's lots of finishing and blocking in the future but here's a little preview as part of my inaugural post. Welcome again, come again often! Joseph


tapmouse said...

What pattern is that? It is awesome! BTW, I can relate to the gauge, knit and re-knit thing. You try and be good and do the swatch as recommended, and it still gets you nowhere!

knitguyla said...

Ya' know, I don't know. I got it at the LYS and the pattern is all ripped, beaten up and a copy for easy portablility but I'll find out for you in the next few days and post it here.

Don't get me started on the hat gauge, it's such a thorn in my side!

knitguyla said...

Sorry this took so long. I can't find the original pattern and I've looked everywhere. I did remember that it's a Sidhar yarn pattern and the top of the page says "Design G". If I can find out/remember more info, I'll be sure to post again. Joseph

knitguyla said...

Tapmouse, I don't know if you still wanted this info but I discovered today that Sirdar has just published "The Baby Blanket Book". The blanket is #320 and called The Old Favorite. Good luck!