Tuesday, February 13, 2007

JUMP! I Command Thee to Jump!

No, this is not an 80's flashback, it's a wish, a dream, a fantasy because I know I'm not going to get any help with this one! Does anyone know a Mexican Jumping BEADS chant -- to make beads jump onto string? I bought this little beaded scarf kit, I swear I'm such a sucker for a sample. I see something that's already been knit and I'm all, oh, look, it's so cute -- I should make that!

Which explains the 5 projects I have going right now. The socks are on hold, the recipient made a negative comment about the colors so, they're off to the back burner. The vagina blanket border is of course very high on the list (and 50% done) but the recipient of the blanket's not even here yet so there's time for something else. Then there's the secret project but that's just stockinette and a night or two or knitting and don't forget the afghan that I've used for most of the Winter with needles still in it. I just lay it on my lap like I'm going to knit it but I don't, I just let it keep me warm. Don't judge me, we get so little cold in Los Angeles. By the time I finish the darn thing, we'll have 10 more months of Summer.


Okay, I'm breathing deeply now and feeling much better. Tomorrow I'll buy a bead spinner -- there ain't no way I'm stringing 1,000 beads, that's just stupid.


Leah said...

there is a wonderful gadget called a beadspinner - http://www.beadspinner.net/page/page/3437207.htm
the good ones are not cheep, but I happen to have one.
I meet with fellow knitters every Sunday at noon at Roman's Cafe in Sherman Oaks. I'd be happy to bring it and let you use it.
or email me, it is a wonderful little gadget

knitguyla said...

Leah, that sounds like a plan to me! If you're going to be there on Sunday at noon, I'll be there on Sunday at noon as well.

I'll be the one with the beads!

Thanks again. Joseph

Leah said...

Joseph, I'll be there at noon, the knitters meet in the backroom - bakery section. Since I'm just one of the girls, I'll look for the guy with beads!!

knitguyla said...

See you there! J.

sko_G knits said...

oh my god. now you HAVE to knit it, simply because i am DYING to see what it looks like!!

knitguyla said...

Sko-g, first off, I love your blog. I'm not making any promises on the beaded scarf. I saw a woman knitting it at the LYS yesterday and it looks...annoying! Keep you posted.