Thursday, February 8, 2007

Side-tracked or Just Plain Bored

I know the Vagine blanket border needs to get done but the Lana Grossa, Italian stripes combined with the new 5" Bryspun double-pointed needles (that didn't seem to get very good reviews on the net, but I like a lot) combined with the fact that the border is boring me to tears, I just couldn't resist. Okay, okay, the border was fun the first 14 repeats but now it's getting tedious. What can I tell ya?

I consider these my first real socks. The first pair were knit with worsted weight yarn on a 4 or 5 needle. These are knit with sock yarn on a #2 needle -- the real deal. I'm going to use one of Charlene Schurch's patterns from Sensational Knitted Socks and try not to get too complicated.

Unfortunately, they are not for me - purple and pink are so not my colors. Can't say who, shhhh!, it's a surprise!

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