Thursday, February 1, 2007

Border Patrol Never Looked So Good!

Not that kind silly, this kind

The border is underway for the Vagina Blanket and I couldn't be more pleased. After a few false starts with the wrong yarn, we're moving along nicely. The pattern knits up quickly in 18 row increments. I can see the light!

And the best part is .... I've decided not to finish it! Oh those pesky little squares are going to be a blanket but I decided to have it professionally put together. Now before you post en mass (all 3 of you), I tried and I tried again. I just suck at it and it looked like crap. Well, not crap, but not great! Yes, I know it's going to have throw-up and snot all over it on a regular basis but that doesn't mean it can't look like Neal Lane bling on the Red Carpet when it's opened. Speaking of wrapping it (which will be an entirely separate post), I'm thinking hand-woven box. Any suggestions?

So I'm at work today and following transpires:

Colleague: Hey, Joe, wow the blanket looks great! You changed the border again and you what, you're having it professionally put together -- all those squares and buying a hand-made woven box to wrap it? WOW, so how much is this blanket going to cost when all is said and done?

Joe: oh, I don't know, a week's salary ... oh, you'd be surprised, knitting's not that expensive!

I tell ya, straight to Hell, straight to Hell, Express ... do not pass go, do not collect $200!!!

On a separate note, has anyone (all 3 of you reading my blog) ever knit the little pouch on the cover of Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. It's on the cover, don't you think giving someone socks in it would be really nice?


craftygram5 said...

Love your blog. I have wanted that book to knit the bag on the cover and if you did with socks in it would be wonderful for someone.
OH and the YO and P2 together really is easy.
Keep up the good work.

knitguyla said...

Jean, I was thinking about it and on circular needles, it seems like a no brainer but on straight needles -- a yo at the top of the row that's still lost on me. And, betweem you and me, I got the book at the library.