Thursday, January 25, 2007

24 of 24 - Heaven!

I may have to play 2424 in the California lottery tomorrow because I HAVE 24 COMPLETED SQUARES of the Vagina Blanket. Now the dilemma begins...I started the scalloped border in a soft pink but it doesn't seem to go. I don't have enough of the white, main, yarn color so I'm sort of stumped. I'd love to find this Carina yarn in pink with the same iridescent quality but I can't find out anything about this yarn on the net since the entire label is in a foreign language. It's such a pain how stuff like that can get in the way of good knitting.

I know there's a solution out there and one I'm not going to figure out tonight. So instead, I'm going to have sweet dreams in increments of 24 - 24 ice cream cones, 24 lbs lost, 24 years old, okay, that's just fantasy so I'll stick with my 24 COMPLETED SQUARES!


Knitting Bandit said...

Just stopping by--trying not to "lurk" in the shadows! I enjoyed reading your posts. Congrats on your fist socks! Very cool! I was a little curious about the Vagina blanket--I once heard a podcast describig a vagina bag complete with a fallopian tube for a strap. And just let me say there was fun fur mentioned...Interesting, but not something I'd take to my son's basketball games! :)

knitguyla said...

I'm not sure I even know how to respond to that. The visuals running through my mind have overcome my powers of speech -- but it sure is funny! Could you imagine people's reactions if you actually knit that at the game and casually explained what you were making when people asked? HA!

Thanks on the socks, the next pair is going to be really great. Stay tuned.

Frank said...

Love your blog! Can't wait to read more.

I, too, am venturing into knitting with floss. I have 21 seniors graduating for whom I am making Should be an adventure!

knitguyla said...

Frank, you are a brave, brave man. Good luck, it's a great finished project but the road, appears long -- very, very long!

Be sure to post about it on your blog. Good luck!