Monday, January 22, 2007

P2tog My AS... ... that's hard

Well, I decided to not chicken out and went out today and found the Cebelia 30 yarn, no, not yarn, THREAD. This pitiful little picture is the work of 4 cast-ons and 45 minutes worth of work on a size 1 needle. P2tog after a yo at the top of a row, with yarn, thinner than thread that I sew buttons on shirts, I don't think so. Don't let the picture fool you, this stuff is thread, skinny, skinny .... little thread. How did our grandmother's even see the stitches, never-the-less create amazing works of art?

Well, I managed to sort of master knitting with it, so purling will commence .... another day. And just in case you're thinking that this is just a little teaser and tomorrow I'm going to post an amazing, fully blocked handkerchief edging, I'm not, really!!

As for right now, I'm going back to my Vagina Blanket - 23 is on the needle!


Kevin said...

Just wait till you have to do a YO P3tog YO! I suggest plenty of wine or sprit of your choosing for that one.

I do knitted beaded purses with size 30 thread and 000US needles. Thankfuly all I do is knit every row and let the beading do the fance stuff.

Keep up the good work.

knitguyla said...

I have to say, I've sort of put this project aside for the next decade or so ... okay, maybe not that long. I've got some other lace ideas in the mix and think they'll be a good practice piece.

And, I can't even imagine size 30 thread on Triple Zero needles - that's insane and if I didn't go blind on the Size 1, 000 would do it for sure. As it was, I had to lean into the light and focus without blinking until I thought my eyeballs were going to pop out of my head to TRY to see the stitches.

Congrats, the purses must be amazing!