Sunday, January 21, 2007

Channeling Little Old Ladies

So I found this wonderful book The Lacy Knitting of Mary Schiffmann by Nancy Nehring and have fallen in love with woman, born March 12, 1908 in Kobe Japan. For those of you who know me, there isn't one thing right with that sentence. Regardless, it's true.

The book is terrific. There are so many patterns, I wanted to knit all of them at once. There are beautiful edgings for pillow cases (imaging them in guestrooms I don't even have), intricate doilies from a time gone by that the partner would never let me put under found artifacts about the apartment and an amazing assortment of lace patterns found throughout the 20th century by Ms. Schiffmann. So I decided to knit the seemingly, easiest project in the book which is a lace edging that can be sewn to a woman's handkerchief. I thought it would be a really sweet gift for Mom.

Off to the LYS to buy the recommended yarn DMC Cebelia 30 and a size 1 needle. When I found the yarn, I thought there must be a mistake. This isn't yarn, maybe dental floss, maybe angel hair pasta with anorexia, perhaps piano wire on meth but certainly not yarn. It's the skinnest piece of string imaginable and I'm supposed to knit with this odd cotton yarn replica into a stunning, delicate lace worthy of Mom's schnozz -- I was not hopeful. Now the #1 needle should have been a giveaway but in my state of new project euphoria, it never crossed my mind.

Fortunately, I was unable to find the recommended color - white (go figure) and put it on the back burner for another day!

On the Vagina Blanket front, we are officially at 21 squares, 22 on the needle!

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