Thursday, January 18, 2007

Very Bitter Knitguyla

I'm bitter, more than usual. I have either lost a square between the LYS and home or I'm so daft that I can't count to 19. Just finished another square and laid them out to admire my handywork and counted only 19. Last time I checked 20 came after 19. And yes, I checked everywhere. On top of that, it snowed in Malibu today; which hasn't happened since 1962. Between the snow and the square, I swear it's the Apocalypse!

Deep Breath/Postive Spin on the Day: I wanted to tell everyone who may not know about this ">book I happened upon at the library -- A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker. There aren't any finished garment patterns in it but seemingly 1000s of pattern combinations for the imagination to simply go wild! It's copyright 1998 so I'm probably way behind but it's such a great book I had to make mention of it somewhere -- here.

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