Friday, January 12, 2007

1, 2, 3....19th Square!

Yes, we are officially on the 19th of 24 squares. It's only taken a year but who's counting. The blanket has officially been named, "The Vagina Blanket" for its obvious Georgia O'Keefe imagery. Everyone is just casually asking, "So, how's the vagina blanket coming along?" Me: "Oh fine, another square done." But who's really listening in the lobby at work, right?

I do really like this Carina yarn. It has a wonderfully soft, iridescent quality that does not show up well in the photo with our 100 year old camera - being replaced very soon. Once the squares are done, there's about 1000 hours of burying ends and a lovely border to knit as well. I try not to crocket as much as possible. There's just too much knitting yet to learn!


anneland22 said...

I am eager to see this Vagina Softee. Can't you make the last 5 squares tonite and show it to us tomorrow ;)?

knitguyla said...

You go it Anne, check back tomorrow. Unfortunately, we are gonna need divine intervention to have this square done by tomorrow never-the-less the whole blankey.

Instead I'll commit here to a February something deadline, it's the best I can do. I hope you can hold out because this project is going to be outstanding when it's all together.

thebean said...

I have trouble knitting anything more substantial than my brows and the last use I had for a needle was on my record collection. That said, I feel the need to commend the successful launch of of your blog.

I also wanted to make sure you knew (I'm sure you do) that it seems that Julia Roberts will soon be knitting a cozy for a theatre near you.

Have you seen this?

Remember a stitch in time saves nine, but with six you get eggroll. If you get that at a five and dime, then somebody owes me some change.

knitguyla said...

O--love that you came by for a visit. Stay tuned there is so much yet to come. Even some things that Bean would love, who knows, you may even get hooked -- eventually we all do, it's like Scientology in Hollywood!