Saturday, March 31, 2007

Baby Everything!

It's Baby Central at Casa Knitguy. It seems every relative has been busy in the baby making department and this little number is going to be a sweater for a new guy arriving this May. It doesn't look like much yet but I love the color combination (can you tell, they're very similiar to my blog colors), no?

Speaking of my blog...I know, smooth, huh. Last night I played with my blog template till the wee hours. All that time and all I really successfully did was make the template wider. Then I changed the color combination about 147 times to end up with yes, you guessed it, the same damn colors I started with. But it's wider, did I mention it's wider.

Back to the sweater, the body is done as you can see, as is one sleeve. The other sleeve is on the needles and the hood is all that remains. It's such a lovely little project and perfect for mindless knitting while watching television. It will definitely be completed this weekend since I have yet another 3 day weekend at my disposal. Sometimes, when you get lemons as they say. I cut my hand pretty badly (being an idiot...ooh, ooh, let's cut this big thick wire with this very old razor blade and point it right in the direction of my other hand, WooWho). Needless to say, the razor won and bad cuts and massage therapy do not go together, hence my 3-day weekend.

What's really made this project so enjoyable is I can REALLY see it. I purchased the Knit Lite and this knitting needle with it's illuminated end is amazing. I need tons of light to knit, read or simply do anything really since about the 1st grade so these nifty little guys are really making a difference. If you have any occular (a word, yes?) deficiencies, I encourage you to get a set of these! They're amazing and the invention of my very own local yarn store owners at La Knitterie Parisienne.

Happy 3-day Weekend Everyone! Don't hate me.

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