Sunday, March 18, 2007

Save the Planet - Take Action!

No, not through knitting (although that would be fun) but through political action. Please support Mr. Gore by signing the petition. Mr. Gore will speak before Congress on the 21st so there's not much time so please show your support now. It literally takes 30 seconds. Thank you.


laurie said...

I am going to marry Al Gore and have his babies... if only I can get rid of Mrs. Gore, somehow....

... is that wrong? ;)

p.s. I love any website that features a "Vagina Blanket."

knitguyla said...

Wow, Royalty in the house and me with no photo in my current post. Laurie, I love your site, it's witty, comic genius and great knitting! I hope you'll come back in the next few days as the Vagina Blanket will be unveiled in all its splendor.

I just simply refuse to photograph it without natural light. Okay fine, I just haven't had time.

Thanks for visiting!