Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I know I haven't posted in some time but I've been busy and since I just accepted a 1/2 hour long guilt trip from my Mom about not calling, I'm relinquishing myself of any and all blog guilt.

No photos today but an update. The Vagina Blanket is taking painfully long at the finisher. Trust me, I'm getting impatient. In the meantime, I've taught myself to crochet over the past 2 weeks and what I once considered the anti-christ is now a new friend. I'm perfecting my granny squares, no circles and once they are fully perfected, I'll share a sample or two. The process of learning crochet has been so different than knitting. I wanted to learn to knit but I've been so take it or leave it regarding crochet, I'm enjoying the detective work involved in figuring out stitches and the "art" of reading a crochet pattern.

Yet another baby is on the way as well and this time I've decided no blanket but instead this great little hoodie. It's a great little sweater and all garter stitch. I matched the colors exactly with Debbie Bliss Stella which is wonderfully soft and a silk, rayon and cotton blend.
Perfect for baby and washing and washing and washing. I hear they're very messy. The pattern is from Lion Brand and I love their patterns but their yarn is not my cup of tea nor have I found/heard it to stand up to wear and washing. Here's a picture of it except I've chosen chocolate, blue and tan which is how it's depicted in the printed catalog. This is the website shot with the free pattern. I like my color combination much better though.

Other than that, the beaded scarf is now about 12 rows long and every row is a challenge. The challenge is having to stop every 3 stitches to push a bead up to the working needle and then YO to secure the bead in place. It's taking shape and a photo should be in order shortly once the pattern truly reveals itself.

In the news, I could go on about Ann Coulter but others are more eloquently giving us genuinly astute opinions about how the use of the word faggot is not okay to use or appropriate in any setting and akin to all the other slurs we are only allowed to refer to by letter -- as in the "N" word or "C" word so I'll take a different approach and get into it with Ann on her level. You're ugly! Nighty nite!


maltese parakeet said...

i used the debbie bliss stella on a baby blanket recently, you won't be disappointed!

knitguyla said...

Now that I'm really into the project, I can't agree with you more. This yarn is really lovely and so easy to work with. It can split a little when I'm not watching but overall it's great for a kid's sweater!