Tuesday, May 1, 2007

No Knitting....

no posting - it's an easy equation! Yeah, that's right, there's not much to post to one's knitting blog when you haven't been knitting. I came off the high of the Vagina Blanket and just didn't want to get into anything new. I've got the baby hoodie on the needles and all that's left is the hood itself but I'm bored to tears with it and can't even muster the energy to cast-on. If someone will come over and cast-on for me, I'm sure I'd work on it.

Otherwise, I've been, don't say it, cover your ears, crocheting! Yes, I've crossed over to the dark side and embraced the anti-christ (as I often refer to the hook). It's actually quite easy and in no time, you've got something, albeit a potholder. Who knew? I sure didn't, why hadn't anyone shared this with me. And ever since I started the crochet learning process, I can't walk out of the house or get on the internet without a flood of granny squares all up in my face so I figured I better learn how to make one. And I did, my prototype is only one color so not really worth posting a photo. As this new skill slowly improves, I'll share.

Otherwise, I went to The Grove last Thursday to shop for my my birthday and maybe stop by Stitch 'n Bitch. I had the day off so I decided to go congratulate Laurie on her book as well as go to to meet Ellen and Frank, I love all their blogs! I really wanted to meet Ellen because she loves L.A. so much and I need some of that. But when I got there, always my luck, I didn't see any of them. Now I'm sure everyone who was there was great but I didn't want to be all, "Oh Laurie, Ellen and Frank aren't here, that's why I really came but I'll just sit and knit awhile with whoever you guys are!" Of course, that's not how I would have felt but knowing me, it's how it would have somehow sounded. So I headed home with my purchases -- a new keychain from Coach and this amazing magnetic braclet (that was totally making my hand feel better) that I have already lost. It was inevitable, it stuck to anything metal but 4 days is even a record for me.

C'est la vie and Happy Freakin' Birthday to me!


Leah said...

So are you going to load some beads on some string at try for the beaded crochet rope?

knitguyla said...

I just started to practice crochet on progressively smaller hooks down from my starting size of H. How small did you make the rope on and what supplies should I get to ready up for the project? I'm scared at how small a hook I'm going to need to use. I'm gonna need a lot a help!