Sunday, August 19, 2007


Yes, that's how many people are ahead of me on Ravelry. I don't know about you, but I'm not holding my breath for that invite. I know I've been busy with life but how out of touch can I be? Was I the only one who didn't know there was a waiting list? From what I hear, it's worth the wait so I guess I'll let you know. I just hope it's before my 80th b-day!

So life in Florida continues to amaze. This week I went to the dog races. I didn't even think they still had dog races. It's kind of like the horse track but without the jockeys and class - dare I say the horse track has class but at least they have a restaurant where you can get a steak! The dog races have a concession stand and the only nice thing I can say about it is I didn't get sick or need hospitalization. Even the ice cream looked dirty, how does ice cream look dirty? Horrible, depressed, dirty people with yellow fingernails from too many Camels everywhere you looked. One woman was there with her granddaughter, it was frightening! But I smiled and cheered for #3!

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Further, since all zero of you responded to my query about knitguyLA vs. knitguyFL, for the time being I'm sticking with LA. After all, if you've got an Italian name and convert to Judaism you don't change your name to Schwartz, right? It's still up for grabs as I registered the FL version.

Hurricane Dean is making his way through the Caribbean and is not on the path to hit FL but I bought a case of Spring water anyway - $3.99 for a 24-pack. Can you believe that price? It's the local brand water and sells by the bottle for a buck so I couldn't pass up this deal. I'm in 'retirement central' for 6 weeks and I'm already psyched by a sale. I still say the dog races were scarier!

Some post scripts to my Drive Across America

In Junction, Texas if you stop at the only place in the entire town, a 7-11 style place, they serve "Bellarico's New York Style Pizza" and there's signage for it out on the interstate. They serve this gastronomical delight out of a rotating heat unit. The crust is about 4 inches thick and doesn't resemble NY pizza in any way but in Junction, Texas, the clerk claimed it was the real thing (insert heavy Southern Drawl here)! I had a Hostess style cup cake and a Mountain Dew instead - I was trying to blend. They still kill gay people there, you can never be too careful and how often do you get to each a cup cake and do the Dew in public!

Oh, that same day, somewhere near Houston, a DJ on the radio said "tard" and not one person called in to give him hell! Welcome to the proud home state of our Prez, GWB!

And apparently, Texans are very serious about not being on the median. They must have a $10 million budget for the "keep off the median" signs - after all, it's a big state and what's on the median anyway that we're so desperately trying to keep everyone off of? I mean really, there's one of these signs every 1/4 mile! What's that about?

I know it may appear that I'm picking on Texas but it's a big state and took up a big portion of the trip AND I am! Goodnite everyone.


Anonymous said...

I voted for keeping LA but it did not show up.
Glad you hear that you are enjoying FL.

knitguyla said...

Great, so we're all in agreement for the time being, Me, Anonymous and .......... me. lol. Thanks!

mehitabel said...

Stick with LA. I'm sure we can think of something for it to stand for, besides the city of (fallen) angels! Lookin' Admirable? I'm sure there is something!
I have not loved living in LA, but I am pretty sure I'd hate FL even more. Heat and humidity? Bugs the size of small dogs? Not to mention, too many old people--and I'm old, so I can say that!
PS--I may need to make a long drive by myself soon, so I need some encouragement. Got any??

knitguyla said...

It's actually not that hot nor humid, at least not to me! I always thought it was too but I've been pleasantly surprised, especially these days when the rest of the country is suffering with 100+ heat.

There are bugs and some are quite large but the lizards eat them!

As for long drives, I fully encourage everyone to drive across country at least once. It's such a cathartic experience and one that changed my life! Go, drive, explore & enjoy!