Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hot Dogs & Sunshine!

The Jets & Sharks! Venus & Mars! East Coast & West! You can't beat an east coast mentality – enter Joey and his Snack Boat!

Here on Captiva Beach you catch some rays, watch the dolphins, take a walk on the beach and you belly up to the boat? This weekend I met Joey of Joey's Snack Boat! Here's a guy who drives his pontoon boat around to local beaches selling char-broiled hot dogs, ice cream, and candy bars. And they're pretty good -- Joey doesn't do turkey, veggie or chicken anything either. You're lucky if he puts what you like on it and you like whatever he puts on it. He's selling up the real deal and you're expected to spill some mustard on yourself and wash up in the Gulf. Napkin, Shmapkin! No frills, nothing fancy.

In L.A., I tried to find Joey's-style anything but rarely hit the mark. Oceanside eateries sometimes seemed less about the sashimi they're serving up and more about being seen a la Paris Hilton. These days I'm digging my east coast roots and my vote's for Joey. After all, us Joey's have to stick together and every now and then, everyone but Paris apparently, needs something that sticks to their ribs! There's a reason Joey Chestnut is famous in Coney Island and not Catalina!

On the knitting front, I've sent the current WIP off for finishing and I'll be starting something new (that's code for posting about knitting), just for me as soon as my Knitpicks order arrives!

P.S. Today was "Talk Like a Pirate Day", no shit! Have a great tomorrow, matey!

Peace, this Joey, knitguyla

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