Sunday, September 16, 2007

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore....

As a sat watching pre-Emmy coverage on E, the Emergency Broadcast System chimed in with the infamous, "This is not a test". What! "NOT a Test" They said there was an emminent alert for a tornado touching down in Lee County and to go into an interior room and put your head down immediately.

What the hell! This only happens in the movies.

Cape Coral is only minutes away but the storm itself headed north and left us with only lightening -- a full sky, electric assault. Incredible!

Moments later, there on the news, there was damage, worry for friends in the area and every emergency vehicle going in one direction.

I thought the beauty of Florida was that there were warnings as hurricanes approached unlike L.A. where earthquakes just happened!

As I sat knitting my socks on the bathroom floor trying to distract myself I realized that knitting has a place in any circumstance.

Tomorrow I'll spend the day at the LYS but until then I'll safely head off to bed -- knitting close at hand. Joe

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