Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Boom Boom Boom in my Room!

I started the day with a man-made phenomenon and am ready for bed watching a natural one.

As I lay in bed this morning, watching Mr. Pelican take his AM douche (no I'm not being vulgar, just busy listening to my french DVDs) in the fountain outside my bedroom window, I heard the most incredible sound! The sonic BOOM AND BOOM AGAIN of the space shuttle entering the Florida atmosphere. It was an incredible sound and shook the entire building. Everything stopped for a split second, the pelican froze as did I. My first reaction was, "what the hell are they doing upstairs?" and then I realized no 30-something couple made the noise I had just heard. Incredible and totally out of this world, pun intended!

I came home and settled in for the Lunar Eclipse (no Bonnie Tyler pun, sorry - one pun per post). Yes, my photos suck, what can I tell you? It's a point & shoot digital camera and I was trying to capture an image that is 30 times the earth's diameter away. Cut me some slack, okay? Everyone was outside taking photos. I took just 5 and parked my ass in my beach chair outside my front door and enjoyed the show (insert gin & tonic here). Everyone was grumbling that they couldn't get a good shot. That would have been me a while ago but tonight I just enjoyed the moment. Way cool!

Outstanding stuff today and very glad to be here! I say I top off the evening with a purchase from QVC and I may soil myself!

Friday, February 8, 2008

A Little Action in Florida!

Sweater Action that is! I finally finished the baby sweater started last year. I decided that it had to be completed if the child would ever have a chance to wear it. It was knit for a 12-month size and it was started almost a year ago ... so you do the math!

The pattern was very simple. It was an all knit stitch but I'd never carried a color from row to row and learned a little something about it. It's a bitch when you go to put the garment together. In the end, I sent it to the finisher and even she couldn't perfect all of my carry mistakes. But in the end, I loved the color mix and the buttons were the perfect find. They're tiny little airplanes in the exact colors of the yarn. I love when that happens!

An FO and two posts in a week - a new knitguyla milestone!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Alive & Kicking!

Thank you everyone who emailed me to see if I was okay - most appreciated! I've been nesting, getting used to the new place. Here's a little shot of the view from my bedroom window. It's lovely, the lake is serene and the light is fantastic in the morning. For those of you who know me well, I'm not much for morning light but hey, old dogs can learn new tricks.

Yes, I celebrated my Blogiversary in style by not posting nor celebrating with some witty quip about the passage of time. It's a blog, deal and yes, it's one year old.

In honor of that, I'll be posting some FO's very soon. I'd prefer the recipient receive it first, you know the drill.

And I'm pleased to say I'm knitting again. My new knitting chair, affixed with perfect lighting has finally been set up at the perfect angle to my new big TV. Netflix arrives regularly and the two have become lover and best friend. I love the space and find myself communing with nature more regularly, knitting outdoors; on the lanai. The Florida version of a porch or patio. The lizards get in occasionally but I'm learning to co-exist.

I trust everyone is enjoying the Winter. Florida has no Winter, don't let them fool you. It's just plain hot all year round, just really hot in Summer.

My parents and the other 2 billion senior citizens have arrived in Florida, escaping the cold weather from other parts of the country. They drive slow or Mario Andretti fast and haven't got a clue what the rules of the road are since their roadtests were on Model T's in the roaring 20's. We get out of their way quickly and accept that the Grand Marquis are like locusts that come more frequently than once every 20 years!

Thanks again for all the well wishes. I'll be hanging around more regularly -- promise!