Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's a Bird, Its a Plane...

Actually, it's just a big hat and yesterday it was ready for felting. First. I made a quick trip to Goodwill for a pair of old jeans. The instructions indicated tennis balls or old jeans for agitation. Check.

The instructions also indicated a zippered pillowcase to prevent washer damage. Bed Bath & Beyond. Check.

The last bit of the instructions that I followed before completely abandoning the entire instructional manual was to wash for 2-3 minutes and with that stitch definition would disappear and the entire piece would shrink to desired size. Well .... 30 minutes later and 3 wash cycles, I took it out of the washer. I decided to let it dry overnight and see what developed. It got drier but no discernible changes took place. I wish you could really see the colors in it, it's beautiful.

I liked it so much I took it for a little walk. Yes, I am that crazy guy in your neighborhood walking around unshowered taking pictures of a bowl. Life's rich, eh? But when we got home and I put it on the nightstand, I couldn't help but think that it's still too big.

Can you re-felt? Can you over-felt? From my comfy chair on the lanai, I can hear the washer going full throttle. I'm thinking 2 more minutes, you?


Krystal said...

*ROFL* You really had me laughing on this one! Since I know NOTHING about felting, I wonder what the dryer would do to it? Reckon that would shrink it anymore?

But it looks awesome! And um...did you happen to hear about that strange man taking pictures of a bowl?!!!! Weeeeeird!! Its the talk of the neighborhood! ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I LOVE IT!!!! WANT!!!!

knitguyla said...

I'm pleased to inform that you can re-felt. I did this afternoon and it got smaller but at a certain point it will start to crease and that's when it's done felting. The moral fo the story, if you want a smaller bowl, knit a smaller hat.

Thank you. You're too kind.