Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's not just International Pajama Day, it's SUPER International Pajama Day. This sort of thing reminds me of Talk Like a Pirate Day but this is right up my alley. I love pj's, I adore staying in them all day long and lately, I especially enjoy going to the supermarket in them ... and dark glasses. Hey, I'm lazy not crazy!

So, if you're so inclined and don't have to work like me, feel free to enjoy. I know I would. The best I can do is sport a spiffy pair of undies. That'll have to do until Wednesday! Happy Sunday and Happy Super International Pajama Day!

Just do it, you know you want to!


Krystal said...

Darnnit! Why didn't I log on early this morning and see this before I got dressed to go out grocery shopping?!! NOW you tell me! sigh

...I'm off to strip down and jump in my jammies!!! Have a great one!!

Anonymous said...

LOL! I wear mine, but it isn't pajama day here in Italy.

knitguyla said...

Krystal, do not pass Go and read HOTN first thing every day! And Riohnna, it's International Pajama Day, in fact it's Super International Pajama Day so of course Italy is included! Funny, this didn't take off faster, it seemed like everyone was so much more interested in some sporting event today!

Krystal said...

LOL Don't I even get to collect my $200? Oh wait, this isn't Monopoly. sigh....Do I go to directly to jail? hehehehehe. I love my jammies. They're Mr. Bubble by the way. Just sayin'. Um. you WERE wondering that right? I also have some Spongebob's too! :-) So i'm quite sporty.