Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gauge Sucks...

I don't get it. I understand the theoretical need for gauge. I get that by calculating the number of stitches per inch you can determine the size of the knitted garment. I understand the colassal importance of this step but what I don't get is why every book and website explains it in stockinette stitch when patterns all around the world tell you to check your gauge in pattern. I can't count those stitches or decipher the exact gauge count in pattern -- stockinette I get, in pattern, not so much.

Case in point, I'm knitting the Red Herring scarf and I like the pattern. It's fun, it has some interesting movement and I can watch TV and not get lost in the pattern. It has gauge requirements but I'll be damned it I can get a good count. What I can tell you is when I hold it up to the light, it's poked with holes and not the good kind like with lace. I'm leaning toward a smaller needle but I can't be sure -- and that's frustrating. Gauge is math, it's not supposed to be subjective.

Further, I volunteered to knit a 15" square for a community afghan project. Now I have to figure out the gauge (in pattern of course) and get an exact 15" square. Oiy.

In Other News:

I'm a twit(terer). I have no idea how it even works but I'm easing my way into it and figuring it out. Join in the fun and feel free to leave instructions in the comments!

I'm in love with Hulu and Fringe. This website is cool but be careful, I haven't figured it out but there are definitely hidden charges coming. Fringe is an amazing show that I found on Hulu although you can watch it at Fox TV as well. I don't know how I missed this show all season long. Actually I do. It's on against the Biggest Loser but now that I've seen one episode, I am hooked. It's got a Law & Order goes supernatural spin that's really interesting and that cute guy from Dawson's Creek. Head over to Hulu and watch almost every episode from season one.

It's full fledge Winter in these parts. It's going down into the 30's tonight and frost is expected. How cool is that? I may have to grab a blanket and a hot chocolate and head out onto the lanai. You should see all the Floridians in their parkas, they're, so stupid, so cute!


Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL! Love the last sentence! I rarely worry about guage unless I am testing a pattern. or, making something wearable. yes, guage sux! What is done with all of those swatches I have seen on other blogs? Do they collect them for shawls or blankies?

knitguyla said...

It's so funny! Yes, the 15x15" squares will be assembled into a blanket as a donation. It's a great idea and I love a zippy dishcloth (which is basically what the square is) but I don't like the idea of it having to be exactly 15X15" alongside all the other perfectly 15x15" squares.

Krystal said...

I'm one of those people that rarely check's gauge. *GASP* I hope the gauge check police aren't reading this! If its a garment, I start making it and then check the # of sts/rows etc I'm supposed to have but I NEVER make a swatch. IMO, its a wast of good yarn. I just hate the thought. And I'm with you about 'Gauge in pattern'. I mean, WTF?! I'm so glad I'm not the only one that doesn't get that.

But I will be rooting for you and hope the gauge monster doesn't give you too much trouble!!

knitguyla said...

Gasp and double gasp. I've decided to give it my best estimate but not to overshoot the size. That way, if it's a bit too small, I can pick up stitches and knit a simple border. Not bad, huh?

And since it's worth saying again, I will. Gauge in pattern makes no sense. Really, who can count that?

Anonymous said...

I tagged you dude!! You have been challenged on my blog.

knitguyla said...

I accept this challenge! bwahahahahahaha!