Monday, February 9, 2009

Sixes Straight Up!

I've been challenged by Riohnna over at My Tangled Threads to post the 6th picture in the 6th folder from my Flickr or Photobucket account. Since I don't really use either, I've posted the 6th picture from the 6th folder on my computer. You missed out Riohnna, if you had said 7th picture you might have gotten a scandalous shot of me at the beach but instead you get the view on the way to my favorite stretch of beach on Captiva Island. It's a beautiful road; lush, alive and a great biking locale.

Speaking of biking (nice transition, huh?), I brought my new bike home today and it still smells like the horrid little man who put it together at the bike shop. A bath wouldn't have killed him since he reeked of BO, BM & cigar smoke. The whole thing was revolting so I took the bike, through it into the trunk and tied the entire mess with a supermarket bag.

He must have been really gross or my OCD must be healing because if you've ever been with me when transporting anything that didn't fit completely in the vehicle it would need to be tied down to resist a nuclear attack. Here the handlebars and half the wheel are completely out of the trunk and all I secured it with was a strip of platic -- spectacular! I'm very pleased with myself and my new bike is pretty nifty. We tooled around for several hours, got the smell off and now he's resting comfortably in the garage. What shall we name him? I named my BB Fabio so I'd like to stay with something Italian, for continuity sake. Submissions are being accepted in the comments.

Does anyone know what that "hairy rock" in the foreground is? I looked up hairy rock but surprisingly didn't find much info.


Melanie said...

I thought you were going to say that you put in the trunk and drove it through the car wash.

knitguyla said...

That's tomorrow silly. Can't have all the fun on the first date! Glad to have you stop by. I just say Zoe's hat. Very cute!

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL!!! DARNIT!!! The scandalous pic sounds droolicious!!

Krystal said...

And so tomorrow your doing the 7th picture challenge then? *Giggle*

For a minute after reading, I thought you were going to say you proceeded to take it home and hose it down, or like another reader mentioned, took it through the car wash! LOL