Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Friday, 7/31 - Go Commando!

Now that I have your attention, I hope you'll join me in going commando on 7/31 to help support prostate cancer awareness.
Jason, this is in part, for you.

Excerpt below from National Commando Day website

Friday July 31, 2009 will be the first ever National Commando Day -- a day when people across the nation will support prostate cancer awareness by not wearing underwear to raise funding for the Prostate Conditions Education Council. 28,000 men die each year from prostate cancer, that’s one death every 19 minutes. 35% of men are more likely to get prostate cancer than women are to get breast cancer...yet there is little to no awareness about prostate cancer.

National Commando Day is when people will practice being unbound by their underwear together. A new level of freedom and unity will emerge knowing that others have also decided to free themselves. Going commando, being freed, is a great statement to make for prostate cancer which is a taboo subject for men. Even though prostate cancer does not affect you, it can very likely affect those who are close to you. So free yourself and make a stand...participate on National Commando Day.


Dave Daniels said...

Hell, I'm gonna start NOW!

Ed said...

I am in! I hope it counts becuase I am commando 80% of the time. But for work, I wear scrubs and ...well....as you can imagine that will not work then.
It is a very taboo subject and not in the mainstream as breast cancer is. I totally support the idea and will make a donation.
It was very sad to read about Jason, so young and handsome, such a shame. His spirit is free of pain and able to move on to something better.