Sunday, July 12, 2009

He's definitely, maybe straight!?

The toggle closure, the piping and the pink accents are, well ... I have no words, at least not any nice ones. We know there have been rumors but this get-up proves he's either the biggest fag or the most mis-guided straight guy who evidently pissed off some Hollywood stylist!

Regardless of what Mr. Radcliffe is wearing these days to premieres as he jet sets about the globe (do I sound bitter, I was going for bitter), I can't wait for the film's release here in the states. I've enjoyed the while series and it's so sweet to see how the kids grow up with each film. Look what's happened to Neville Longbottom. He's the awkward, nerdy one. Hello!

On the knitting front, I broke all the needles on the CSM with an overzealous whirl around the cylinder. They didn't actually break but bent ever, ever so slightly making it non-operational until new needles arrive. They're being ordered so until then, the machine just taunts me with nearly 10,000 yards of yarn sitting next to it. I think my CSM may be a yarn snob because my expensive sock yarn knit right up on its maiden voyage and then this little fiasco with the acrylic.

I was missing hand knitting anyway. I'm progressing slowly on the Red Herring scarf and gave up on the MSKR socks but more on that later. The scarf will obviously have to be blocked and since I've never blocked anything, I think this will end up being a perfect practice project. And the I dare say it? Okay, fine, I don't like hand knitting socks, maybe that's why I'm so enamoured with the CSM. It's tedious to me and honestly, I didn't really understand the pattern altogether.

This photo stinks (a little better if you click on it) but it was the best I could do with limited time/desire. In person I love the pattern; simple but timeless and the color will look great with my black dress coat. So if I don't get to NY this Winter, I'll just crank up the AC and wander around the condo this Christmas dressed for the looney bin. That sounds like me!

On the other hand, I'm loving the stuffed bear project and the yarn. I finished an ear and I'm very proud of my semi-round brown coaster that will someday hear it's not meant to protect furniture but instead give love to a child. It's unlikely that these pieces are going to look like anything until the whole thing is put together so take my word for it, it's progressing. If one ear is progress.

And welcome Willy, he's my pal over on Rav but you'll find him in the thick of it over at MWK!

P.S. Isn't it funny how none of the girls commented on the Go Commando post? Do girls go commando other than Lindsay Lohan?


Krystal said...

OMG...I should have read your blog first before posting you the novel on ravelry!

I'm so sorry to hear about your needles. That stinks! So you can only use fingering weight yarns? No Worsted Acrylics or anything?

Also, in comment to your 'Go Commando'. I thought I was gonna have to do just that today at work. My Um...Ahem..underwear ripped at the side seam today. *sigh* Don't ask! LOL We'll just leave the conversation at an end right there.

Dave Daniels said...

Dude! No! Acrylic? For real? Acrylic in Florida?
Ok, I won't rib (HA HA HA Sock joke!) you any further. I wouldn't use anything on the CSM that I wouldn't hand knit, too. We'll leave it at that.
I hope your needles arrive in speedy order.
As for HIM? Well, um, yeah.

Ed said... did I miss Nevile all grown up. He was so dorky! Damn! Lay the potronus charm on me!

OH OH! I see Dave already nailed you with the acrylic! I have given away the last of mine I had stashed in the closet. I tried knitting with some fairly recent and I just could not do it, my hands sweat and it felt as though the stuff was chewing up my needles. Well if it is to practice with that is understandable but do not try to wear the stuff, you will get a rash! lol

knitguyla said...

Guys, only practice. I'd never wear acrylic! Yuck.

Ed said...

I know, lol, just messing with you.